Studio Toolbox sometimes does not authenticate me

Semi-randomly whenever starting Studio and opening the toolbox, it will not display user categories such as “My Models”, “Group Audio” and “Recent Decals”, showing this instead:


Whenever that happens, I am forced to either restart studio or log out and log in. The later option always works, but the former usually takes some attempts.

The issue happens on normal editing sessions and on Team Create, completely by chance. It never happens when I have recently logged in, and it has started in one of the last four updates or so. I experience it on the production build.

If it helps, I am using Windows 10 x64 (latest non-dev build).


I have noticed this problem if you’re game isn’t plosted to Roblox. Maybe try doing so like I do and it should work.

It happens with published and unpublished games.

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Oh ok well I haven’t experienced this problem with published games. I would contact support if this thread isn’t answered by staff or someone who can resolve this issue.