Studio UI - stuck on screen


I did a little oopsie with my keyboard and this UI popped up. I’ve seen it before but I have no idea what key(s) I pressed :sweat_smile:. If anyone could quickly lmk that would be fantastic.

Best, Water_KKnight

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Doesn’t seem to work on mac for some reason.

fn + shift + f3
(character requirement)

fn + shift + f3 doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

ctrl + shift + F3 (or maybe F4)

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None of those seem to solve the problem.

Odd. I couldn’t find any official documentation on this, however there was a dev forum post about it, but that just repeats whats been said here.

I’ll check it out. Thanks for the help.

Type Shift + F1, it should work.


In mobile devices is tapping twice the roblox icon while the game is loading, maybe it works on pc as well.


  • CTRL + F1
  • CTRL + F2
  • CTRL + F3

I think it’s Ctrl + Shift + F6 or Ctrl + Fn + F6

Hmmm, try pressing Control + Shift + F3 to make it go away. Likely not Control + Shift + F5 or Control + Shift + F6 as there is no FPS/performance stats counter

If you can’t disable this menu by using keyboard shortcuts you could manually disable this menu by going to the view tab then click on the network button in the stats section:

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In order to toggle Network diagnostics on mac;

+ Fn + Shift + F3

More info: here

Works as well! That’s probably what I clicked in the first place.