List of undocumented Roblox game client menus and their keybinds

This is a live list of Roblox client keybindings that toggle debug menus.

You might’ve accidentally opened one of these and weren’t sure how to close it in the past. The table below should be able to help!

Action Windows Mac Mobile
Game stats Shift +F1 Fn + Shift + F1
Graphics stats Shift + F2 Fn + Shift + F2
Network stats Shift + F3 Fn + Shift + F3
Network diagnostics Ctrl + Shift + F3 + Fn + Shift + F3 Double tapping “Joining game” when loading
Network debugging Shift + F3 then
Shift + 1 to cycle through
Fn + Shift + F3 then
Shift + 1 to cycle through
Physics stats Shift + F4 Fn + Shift + F4
Summary stats Shift + F5 Fn + Shift + F5

I plan on eventually listing a description of what’s included in all of the menus below, for now, there are mostly screenshots so you can easily identify which one you have open.

Most of the labels are descriptive enough right now to the state where I was comfortable releasing it, but let me know if anything is confusing and I can also document it under the headers below!

Game stats

game stats left game stats right

Graphics stats

Graphics stats menu includes what lighting technology you’re using (Compatibility, Voxel, ShadowMap, Future, etc.), framerate manager level (FRM Config), and draw calls among other things.

Network stats

The network stats menu lets you know the state of StreamingEnabled for the game you’re in.

Network stats cropped

Network diagnostics

Network diagnostics cropped

Network debugging

These are the four menus that appear (in order) when you press Shift+1 after you’ve opened the Network stats menu with Shift+F3.

Physics stats

Physics stats cropped

Summary stats

Summary stats cropped


This is extremeley, EXTREMELY helpful. Why aren’t they documented tho?


I’d imagine it’s because they’re not usually relevant to developers and possibly subject to change at any time. A few of them haven’t ever been referenced by Roblox engineers on the forum, meaning that there probably isn’t too much use for a developer to know them.


The network diagnosis on mobile, can also be opened by double tapping the Roblox icon when the game is loading and closed in the same way or by tapping anything when the game loads.

[Small]Sorry about the bad quality video[/small]


That’s a really obscure one that I hadn’t ever heard of, thanks! If you find any more mobile ones let me know, I made a mobile column and added this.


Wow! Thank you a lot! :+1:

One day I found out how to bring up my FPS screen thing. Then I forgot and look at this! I find this! Keep up the good work! :love_you_gesture: :smiley:

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Note, that on macOS and mobile the data shown in these menus is potentially different

This is useful, even for me! Thanks :smile:


Thanks for putting this together. I will use this list a lot :slight_smile:


I saw a big library of these keys before.

Apologies for bumping this but do we know what the current way to get the network tab to open on mobile? The logo no longer shows on the loading page of the game and it’d help tremendously for me to be able to pull up networking stats on mobile.

Through some quick testing, it appears only the Network Diagnostics (not Network Stats) tab will appear when double-tapping the “Waiting for an available server…”/“Joining server…” text at the bottom of the new loading screen.


Thanks for bringing this up! I’ve edited the original post to reflect that :smile:


There’s a keybind to enable streaming debug information: Opportunistic streaming sometimes not loading regions in - #5 by CorvusCoraxx

Yep, those are listed in the original post I believe unless I’m missing something

Do these still work? I tried using them the last few weeks and I can’t seem to display them. This also lines up with me changing my keyboard so I am unsure if it is because of my new keyboard having 2KRO.

Yes these all still work. 2KRO would mean your keyboard can only detect two keys at once, but you should still be able to do a majority of these debug panels.

Would it be a settings issue perhaps? I have changed nothing and it doesn’t bring the UI up. I have checked just now and my inputs register in other apps.