Studio update window doesn't close on Mac

I’ve recently noticed a bug in studio. I am a Mac user, so I don’t know if the same happens in Windows too.


When there is a new update, an update screen appears saying “new updates available.” Then, the only option is to click on retry, and then it will do the update. However, for the past month if you click on the retry button, the window will disappear, and reappear after a second.


As I mentioned, this happens when there is a new update. This started happening a month ago.


The bug happens in the Studio home page, when studio is launched.


Steps to reproduce it

1.Launch studio when there is a new update.
2. Click the “Retry” button.



Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.

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Could you provide us with more info regarding this issue? Any detailed info that you can add will be helpful.

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I am on Mac and am experiencing the same issue. The program does restart after a few ‘retry now’ clicks, but there isn’t really much information to give apart from what OP already provided.

Specs, but it happened on Catalina as well as my old MacBook Air 2017, both on Big Sur and Catalina.

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This isn’t a bug, close the studio application by the red button on the top left and click retry now.

Was there only one instance of studio running or were there multiple instances?

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There was only one instance running.

next time that it happens, can you run “Activity Monitor” to confirm if there’s additional studios running?

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Yeah, I will do that for sure.

I’m using MacOs Catalina Late 2015, it happens on me. However, when i click to retry for few times it gones and starts updating.

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Yeah, this is the case for me too.

Here’s the video:

It seems to create another instance by itself but I only opened it one time as you can see in my video. Keep in mind that only one instance loaded the icon, which leads me to believe that one instance is actually studio, and the other is just the update window.

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