Studio updater "file used by another process" bug

The roblox studio update process is the #1 thing that makes me get up and walk away from my computer. Nothing sucks more than having 5 places opened and needing an asset, so you open a 6th only to have it kill all other processes. I hope this is eventually prioritized as it’s the worst part of the developer UX that nobody seems to care about. No other piece of software does this.

Rant aside, today’s update (developers have learned to expect the looming Wednesday shutdown) had a new dialog pop up.

I clicked “Shut down now” and was shown this dialog:

We’re aware of the update process being aggravating, but the error you’re seeing is new to us & a separate issue. For the error, can you provide information from How to post a Bug Report (especially bootstrapper logs), so we can investigate further?

Also, separate from that, can you provide your OS version & attach a zip of your Studio install (the old one that isn’t updating)?


I re-launched studio and it updated successfully the second time, so I don’t think I have the old install (do I?) I wanted to provide the error since I hadn’t seen it before and wanted to make sure it was caught!

My Windows 10 version is