Studio Upload Probem [SOLVED]

Problems iv been having for the past 3 weeks.

  1. Unable to use ROBLOX Studio to Edit, Save, Upload places.
  2. Unable to upload models.
  3. Unable to use INGAME stores, such as Developer Products.

This you may conclude was very frustrating, especially when your audience is looking for updates. Even after asking for a solution on multiple accounts Iv finally found a surprisingly quick and simple solution. :DDD

ROBLOX seems to encounter these problems when your computer stops accepting cookies. ROBLOX is a cookie monster so to fix this you can simply change your settings or add it to allowed sites.

  1. Search your Settings Directory for ‘Internet Options’

  2. Tab over to ‘Privacy’

  3. Click ‘Sites’

  4. In the bar ‘Address of website:’ add

  5. Click ‘Allow’

Now this should fix the 3 problems I stated before!

Prize plz :durrr: