Studio windows / plugin widgets almost never save their locations

Every once and a while I decide my studio layout isn’t ideal for what I’m doing, so I try and change it up.

Nice! This should work good for me, let me just restart studio and make sure it’s all still in the right spot.

Oh. That’s not right. What if I try and just move one window/widget at a time, maybe that’ll work. I’ll try just putting the explorer beside the properties and then restart.


I can’t find a rhyme or reason why the windows either never save, or sometimes save their location and size. I can’t figure out why in play solo or start server windows pop up that shouldn’t, and I can’t figure out why some widgets refuse to stay open during different studio sessions. All I know is this behavior has plagued me for a long time. Making changes to windows in studio is always a huge gamble.

Repro steps:

  1. Open studio and open a place file, or start a new place
  2. Resize and reposition any studio widgets and windows
  3. Close studio (up to you how you want to do that)
  4. Reopen studio and open a place file, or start a new place
  5. Observe the widgets and windows not in the same location

I can repro this behavior probably around 50% of the time, multiple resizes and changes seem to give a higher rate of occurrence, maybe 75%.

Over the past months I haven’t been able to find a definitive cause, and if anybody can contribute useful information as to the source of this bug, please do so.


This is really frustrating for me too - I try to position some windows on my 2nd monitor but they never save their locations.

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yup, it’s a problem for me too and it’s seemingly random, or something like that

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Has been a common enough issue for me as well. If the toolbox widget isn’t in it’s usual spot on my second monitor, it’s hidden somewhere behind my Studio window, and I have to disable then enable the widget to get it to the front so I can move it back to it’s proper spot.

A minor issue as far as bugs go, but an annoying one and worth the report.

Huge support!

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For me, the most annoying thing is having random windows open when I didn’t want them to (e.g. plugin windows). It’s also annoying when I minimize a server window only to have all my windows minimize the next time I start one.

Submitted internally.

We will take a look, and I’ll keep this thread updated when we begin looking at this.

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Every time I open Studio the panels (properties, explorer, etc) are in a different place to where I left them when I exited Studio previously. I have to re-position the panels every time I open studio.

This has been occurring now for maybe 8 months or longer. I’ve since used 3 different laptops, including my previous Roblox work laptop and had the exact same issue on all of them. I suspect it may be to do with my specific panel layout and Studio not being able to save it for some unknown reason (I can’t think of any other reason considering I have changed laptop 3 times and I can’t imagine it being connected to my account).

How panels are intended to be positioned:

How it was directly after I exited Studio and loaded up the same place:

What can also happen on occasion:

This happens repeatedly every time. I encourage someone to try the same panel layout as me, exit and rejoin and see if the configuration saves.

Edit: Seems as though other panel layouts save, just not my specific one.

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This has been happening to me for over a year. Really frustrating :frowning:

We know the underlying cause and issue, but it requires a bigger project. We have not slated time for this work yet.


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This is still the biggest productivity killer for me. Having to reorganize/position/scale all my Studio panels and widgets EVERY SINGLE TIME I F11 out or open Studio is agonizing.

Like every single modern ide, Studio SHOULD save where it left off. This is such an enormous QOL issue, and I can’t stress that enough. I understand this isn’t a priority atm but it should be. Could we please get an eta on this?