Studio wont export objects as .obj on the first try

Hey Guys,

Ted here. So basically, I’ve been having this problem when I export things as a .obj file, but every single time on the first time I export anything, it’s never there in my files. However, after the second try, it finally goes into in my file.

Picture of item:

Picture of Exporting Selection:

Picture of the object not being in the file after first try:

Do the same process over,

Picture of the object finally being in the file after the second try:

Here is the place file:
ExamplePlace.rbxl (90.1 KB)

Is there any way to fix this? Has anyone else been having this issue? Thanks for reading.

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Have you tried to reinstall roblox studio?

I have. Seems to be the same issue after I reinstall though.

It appears to happen to me too in the place you gave us to download, but in general that does not happen to me.
I would suggest to:

  • Try to switch to another place and try exporting it again because the problem can occur in only one place.
  • Try to export another model and see if the problem occurs on other models too, it can be just a specific model that causes the problem.

Although it doesn’t look like a problem that really matters, if it bothers you, you can try the available solutions I suggested you.
Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

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