Studio won't open certain game

As the title states, the current version of Roblox studio won’t open the file or actual game i’m trying to edit. Every time I try to open it, i’m met with this screen.

I’ve taken some steps to see why this is happening and it seems this is limited to my desktop computer, and the version of studio on it. I can open the place fine on my laptop and it’s up-to-date version (i5-5200u, 8gb DDR3) but my desktop (i7-3770, 20GB DDR3, GTX970) refuses to open it. I took an old version of studio from an old hard drive and the game also opens fine on that (albeit some colors are broken)

Here’s a link to the game (hosted on a joint account for insertservice and group moderation purposes)

I’ll be happy to provide any other info needed to solve this.