StudioPresence - Studio/Discord Rich Presence!

Ohh, anyways it works… I did not know it has some delays. It works like after 2 minutes, since i posted my comment.

Please note the presence does not have to show up until you focus on the Roblox studio window / start editing scripts etc. This is made so that StudioPresence does not consume any unnecessary http requests.

I dont know if this is just me, but the plugin stops working when ending testing
i have to disable and reenable the plugin every time i finish testing

Just select any script and then go back to whatever you’re doing. I’m looking for a solution for this problem

I have updated the icons, mainly the default studio icon, which has been fixed from being offset to properly centered.

If you have any suggestions for this plugin, please message me anywhere. I plan to add different icons and customizability.

Hey, I’m really confused on the MacOS install. I’ve downloaded it, unzipped it and ran the terminal. I typed chmod u+x and dropped the file in. I’ve got node.js as well, but nothing happens to the file. I opened it an it was just a bunch of text rather than something that could be executed, and nothing happens on discord either. I don’t really know how to work it, though.

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Myself I do not use MacOS and the installation guide is a contribution from people with the MacOS install. However, feel free to add me on discord @iarxic and we can try to sort this out right now.

Sorry for the bump, but I wanted to let you know that my antivirus goes off when I try downloading it. It claims that a malware generator was found in the program. I’m sure it’s a false positive, but wanted to let you know in case you find one of your scripts accidentally triggering an antivirus.

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AFAIK, anything downloaded from GitHub for some reason always triggers the antivirus. Not sure though, it could be this plugin too.

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I am aware, I do not believe I can do anything about this sadly. I was told by another dev I can buy a microsoft developer license to get this whitelisted on windows but that is expensive. If you’re still experiencing the issue, temporarily turn off your anti virus

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I don’t trust it I note gonna click keep if my virus scanner it not trust I not installed it especially if it comes from the Roblox community since there many malicious asset why nut use webhooks or something so we don’t need to install a additional file

Webhooks are not the same as RPC. RPC requires staying connected, but webhooks act as an information sender. Plus, if you don’t trust it, don’t use it. But from others’ POV, it doesn’t look like a virus.

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as what the above stated, beside you can even build it from source, it’s just using node js.

Just clone the repo and install dependencies either with pnpm or npm, run build:server and then node dist/index.js. That’s it. for plugin it’s not a virus, it’s on the marketplace.

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