StudioPresence - Studio/Discord Rich Presence!

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StudioPresence v3.0.3

A plugin to connect your Studio with Discord!
Heavily inspired by DRPC by RigidStudios



• Download Server Here and Roblox Plugin Here
• Next, extract the already installed Server to a new folder (Inside desktop recommended).
• Run it!

Additional steps for MacOS users

  1. Download the Mac server
  2. Extract it using the archive utility from the App Store
  3. Open your terminal and type chmod u+x and then drag the server file into your terminal, press enter and it will turn the server into an executable file.
  4. Open the executable file! (If it cannot verify for malware go to settings > Privacy and Security, scroll down until you find the warning, and press open anyway)

You might have an issue with the antivirus incorrectly flagging it as a virus, click “keep” and if needed exclude the file from your antivirus.

Note: The cmd window needs to be open in order for the plugin to work!

If the activity doesn’t show up, double check you have activity privacy enabled!

If you have any issues, reply to this devforum thread or contact me via my twitter!

Special thanks to

xhayper - v3.0.1
Coyenn - v2
Rigid Studios - Original DRPC
Eltobb - Vanilla icons (Modified)
pruzae - MacOS installation guide

PS: If you’re a scripter you can check out my RoCommit plugin!
And if you’re a builder you can check out Color Offset plugin!


Thanks to @iArxic for letting me use this plugin early. I’ve been using it past few months, it’s really useful and i really love this plugin! It’s very cool for being able to share on discord what you’re doing in roblox studio.

Good job and keep up the amazing work! :heart_eyes:


Really nice plugin! Now it’ll at least let my friends know what I’m doing instead of them spamming and calling me :sweat_smile:


Not sure if it’s supposed to happen, but the program closes along with the installed node-modules folder.


You can port http to express, i can make a fork now of porting it


The program is still pretty new, please message me on twitter (@iArxic) or Discord arxy#6622 so we can find a solution and I can update the plugin

have a great day (:


What’d be the benefits of that? (I’ve not used it yet)


Take a look at this.
javascript - what's the technical difference between express and http, and connect for that matter - Stack Overflow.


the window closes itself right after being done and does nothing to my presence
is that normal

resolved it with arxy, big thanks to him


Please contact me on discord arxy#6622 so we can resolve this as fast as possible


Well done on this, would love to see suport for variables and dynamic scenes the same way I had organized it, but I can feel the polish on this, good stuff!


Using express is a bit obtuse, it would require people to actually download express which is a useless dependency when http already works fine and without issue.


Does this plugin support the Discord Web App?


Hey, the plugin does not support the Discord Web App.


Thank you!
I’ve been using your plugin for a long time so I thought I’d try to create mine for fun and see how will it turn out.
Your plugin taught me a lot of interesting stuff and thank you for making it open sourced.

Wish you a merry christmas! <3

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you can preinstall it in the zip but do whatever you want

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Yoo this seems cool similar to discord presence on vs code. If i may ask, how do u do this?

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There is an additional package that isn’t usually installed on Windows 11.0.0 or higher. I haven’t got time to debug this myself but I opened a GitHub issue about it.

Link: "Cannot find module 'discord-rpc'" discord-rpc module not installed when running "runner.bat" · Issue #1 · iArxic/StudioPresence · GitHub


I’ve created a fork of your project on GitHub and implemented the following:

  • MacOS support
  • standalone .exe and binary generation (You don’t need to install NodeJS or node_modules anymore)
  • converted your plugin to a Rojo project
  • converted your JavaScript project to TypeScript
  • reformatted your plugin using Stylua
  • added GitHub Actions CD workflow that builds the plugin .rbxm file and the standalone Windows .exe and MacOS binary

Here’s my fork: GitHub - Coyenn/StudioPresence: Connect your Studio with Discord!

Also, please take a look at Merge pull request #2 from Coyenn/main · Coyenn/StudioPresence@674e970 · GitHub to understand what I mean by “GitHub Actions CD workflow”.

I hope you don’t mind me restructuring everything :slight_smile:


hey, the plugin sends info to your local port (basically the entire embed) and the script only gives it to discord, so the server basically acts like a proxy between roblox and discord