Studs do not show up on certain materials

Part on the left = plastic, not flashing
Part on left, top = flashes plastic / diamon plate, surface type is not changed in any way
Part on left, bottom = flashes plastic / metal, surface type is not changed in any way

That’s all I’ve tested.
I tried to restore default Roblox settings before attempting this, still persisted.


If it’s intentional, it shouldn’t act like this only online. I was getting studs on other surfaces offline…

This is intentional, last I checked.

Well dangit.

I’m pretty sure studs only show up on parts with a Plastic/SmoothPlastic material.

Well dangit.[/quote]

Yup. A workaround is to upload a 1x1 stud decal and then insert a Texture set to 1,1 stud repeat with that texture.