Studs per second to KPH

Im making a vehicle and im trying to convert the studs per second (.Velocity.Magnitude) to KPH
but I dont know how. How would I convert the studs per second to KPH?


Here’s something that might help:

According to the ROBLOX Blog, 1 meter is equal to 20 ROBLOX studs , so a stud is 5 centimeters, and a real-life ROBLOXian (that is 5 studs tall) would be 25 centimeters, about 10 inches tall.


(This is based off of @Ravanandwarren post)

Roblox blog says 1 meter is also 20 studs.
Sense there are 1000 meters in a kilometer, that means there is 20,000 studs in a kilometer because 20x1000 is 20,000.

1 kilometer = 20,000 Robloxian studs.

There is some math for you.

Now lets say, if you’re moving 1 KPH, the it would be an hour to move 20,000 studs, aka 1 kilometer.

Hope that helps.


Based off of this post, you would also divide 20 000 by 3600, since there are 3600 seconds in an hour. The unit that you would measure it in, as mentioned in the title, would be studs per second, so you would need to convert kilometres an hour to kilometres a second.

Then, you would multiply that number by the speed of the car in SPS. You should obviously round the number to the nearest integer using something like math.floor or math.ceil

The code would be something like this if you were to display the car’s speed in kilometres instead of studs per second:

--just an example, not actual code
TextLabel.Text = car.VehicleSeat.Velocity.Magnitude * (20000/3600).." KPH"