Stumped on UI style/theme ideas

Welp, I’ve exhausted all other options.
I am currently creating a game (which may or may not be for money-grabbing purposes), a tycoon that revolves around a mars colony, though I am currently stumped on the theme of UI that I should base it on.

(If you haven’t guessed already, it’s a Mars Colony Tycoon). If anybody could find me a reference or give me an idea of the type of UI I should create for it it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


How about something nice and modern?

This would be on theme as Mars is very popular right now in terms of discussion and many of them think Mars will be very modern if we ever get there.

Another idea is something space or Mars themed, but not too red as this may blend with the map(if the map is red)

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As @rivertropic mentioned, you will want your colours to fit the scenery mostly, like reds and oranges for the outside and greys and whites for futuristic buildings. Your GUI’s could also have an image on them, like some sort of cool-looking logo for the premium section, or a collection of different things on sale in the store. Maybe an effect of the GUI buttons fading in would make it look futuristic?