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About me, AerialsAbove

Hello, I am AerialsAbove! This portfolio is a small collection of my work, experiences, and art.
I am a showcase creator, I primarily model in Blender now, but highly talented studio builder, artist, and small time UGC content creator since June.

I am the owner of Roblox Architects (RAR) a group packed full of Roblox’s most talented artists on the website since 2009! Featuring awesome builders such as Urbanize, SetDefault1, Shkurr, Inkwaves, and so on!
I am also apart of Elite Builders of Robloxia, another highly dedicated group dedicated to only the best modelers/builders the site has to offer. You should come join us soon.
As well as the classical Gearworks and Ambitious RSC communtiy.

I have a total of seven years of experience with Studio, starting in 2014. I’ve have had fun learning a wide variety of building styles from low-poly to high-poly; Steampunk, Medieval, fantasy, and even Cyberpunk.
Then, 2018, I begin to learn the Blender Program which as of 2021 I now use as my primary tool for all assets. As well as painting and texturing for my UGC items and models in my showcases.

My UGC items

Joined 6/24/2021.

Current UGC work

The first textured model I made when working towards UGC in March.

Astronomically Sharp

Friendly Fox Friend

Bold Statement | Top Hat

Black variant of a double rose Derby cap

Elegant Summer Cap

Dress cap

The Silver Crown of Nocturne!

Mystical set of hats based on a popular anime series.

My UGC store link!

Catalog - Roblox

My Showcases and Modeling

Check out my profile, I have plenty of active worlds to explore!

Here are some screenshots of my work

Ivarstead Estate | Resting atop the warm mountain tops nests a rusting greenhouse.
Showcase link: Ivarstead - Roblox

Springs Rock | The Mythical garden hidden at the world’s summit.

Low in the cold valley, the magical balance begins to yield to unseen forces… Explore the mythical garden and discover it’s secrets, sights, and story.
Showcase link: Springs Rock [SHOWCASE] - Roblox

A mythical creek capture in the mists of a foggy night.

A Victorian street, busy and bustling with life and floral.
Soaring above the clouds, the city life goes about their daily lives. That is until magical energy holding the city in the sky begins to dissolve at a slow grueling pace.

A quick speed build of a ruined shrine. Unfinished.
Ancient powers rest uneasy at the arrival of their unwanted traveler, you. What are they hiding?

A tropical colony hidden within the depths of a warm jungle.
Land-ho! They came ashore to their new tropical paradise, built their new estates… then vanished into the very mists around them. You are sent by the Crown to uncover the sudden port-town collapse.

Halmarr | Within the foot hills lives a community of druids in hobbit-esc holes.

As the autumn winds transform into cold biting wisps, join the small town in it’s harvest rituals. Life is easy in the hills.
Showcase link: Halmarr - Roblox

Dusty Dreams | The old ramshackle house long forgotten.

Once, perhaps an old man sonder in front of his fire place. Now only the decaying remains of a home lay, telling their story, and hiding it’s inhabitants final hours.
Showcase link: Dusty Dreams - Roblox

Reclaimed | Memories long ago grown over.

Families used to tour the great halls of the museum. The only life left now is the overgrowth.
~ Featured in Roblox’s “The Story of Roblox” youtube video at 0:58 seconds in.
Showcase link: Reclaimed Showcase - Roblox

Mini_Build 1 | At the end of time.

Watch your step, the roots will trip you. Careful, the bricks are crumbling away. Be hesitant, you see the white light on the other end.
~ Featured in Roblox’s “Roblox Investor day” youtube video at around ~52:00 minutes in.
Showcase link: Mini_Build I - Roblox

A high-poly mini-model haha. Where does this rustic door lead to?


Commission Work!

  • Looking for a ugc creator willing to work on creating a model for you?
  • Professional and detailed Terrain work and Smooth Terrain Sculpting!
UGC Commission Work

The Spill…

*This section covers some details on hiring me for possible modeling work.

A lot of awesome people are in the Star Creator program and want to upload their own models, and I’m happy to help with this!
Please contact me through my socials (Check Twitter for links and usernames!)

Some general information here, the rest can be discussed via messages/calls.

UGC Star Creator Models!

Modeling - Happy to work on creating nearly anything you may desire or wish to create!
Themes like pets, hats, head dresses, or unique channel themed hats are oki-doki, and happy to work on them.

Time tables - Active for most of the week (Monday/Sunday are the only days I usually don’t work on.)
I try to get the model just right for you, although variations and changes are welcome, but can begin to take longer to fix if you suggest constant changes or very minor alterations, vertices by vertices.
A model could take a day to sometimes a week depending on IRL schedules or the changes made to said model.

Payment - This is mostly best left discussed in person. However since UGC/Star Creator items do extremely well, I would prefer to take a lesser one-time payout in favor of a hybrid of one-time payout and a set percent of what the item earns. I’m happy to discuss this and negotiate this if it isn’t quite clear atm.
(I usually ask around %10 of that an item would make month by month.)

Again, please contact me if you have questions, I do not mind at all! After all, I’d be happy to work with Star Creators or anyone looking for a unique UGC item to fit their group.

General UGC Requests!

This section is for anyone looking to request a certain or specific item to be made and uploaded!

A lot of awesome people are not in the Star Creator program, but would still like to see a request made for a brand new item, and I’m happy to help out on this.

Time tables - A day to a few weeks, since I may want to prioritize my own items or star creator goods!

Payment - Since it’s a request, and depending on the item, payment will vary. Sometimes people will make a request for hyper-specific items. Since these users don’t have a slot to fill usually, I would have to use one o my own, and sometimes these specific items do not sell or do well. To adjust or make up for this depending on the item, I may ask for a certain payment. However, if this sounds unfair, again, please contact me! I’m happy to discuss and negotiate as well as confirm if something is possible.

Group themed UGC items!

This section is for large groups 1,000-10,000k + in size!
Looking for cool merch design featuring your groups logo or name on a UGC themed item for your server/group?

Modeling - Nearly anything should be doable, but keep in mind limits, copyrights, and limited items!

Time Tables - A day to a week, or sometimes longer if a ton of changes/variations are asked for.

Payment - Since it’s a request, and depending on the item, payment will vary! Please contact me with information on your group and let’s discuss the details. Depending on the group size and situation, I’d be happy to do it for free! However, for smaller groups, and smaller one time payment may be requested.

Smooth Terrain Commissions

All About Professional Level Terrain!

Above in my showcase tab showcases some of my best smooth terrain work.
You might be asking yourself, why would you hire someone to do just smooth terrain work and teraforming for your game?
Well, because while it is easy to use this tool on Roblox, it doesn’t mean you get the best terrain ever for you games. As amazing as the tool is, it leaves your worlds bumpy, uninteresting, similar to everyone else’s projects, and often missing the level of detail you’d get from hiring someone with years of experience with the tools.

Go and join my Springs Rock [Showcase] experience to best understand what entirely custom and hand-made smooth terrain work looks like, feels like, and can be like for you. The paths are smooth, easy to walk on, the mountains are realistic, and the colors pop and blend in well with each other. Materials most creators would not use are repurposed spendily to compliment any degree of world building needing to be done. Such as how limestone in Springs Rock is reused as erosion along water lines! No more ugly yellow sandstone, but instead, another small world-enriching detail.

Scales, size, and details!

We can sculpt worlds as small as 256x256 or as large as 4,000x4,000 stud-sized maps. Feature various biomes from forests (including trees!) to deserts and mountains that blend into each other. You need a world to explore, and I can help with that.

I will also to a smaller degree work on creating custom plant life for you terrain/game. No terrain job is complete without trees, rocks, and flowers and fungi! However this does not mean full on plant life or sets, since that becomes a job of it’s own to model and create.


Payment is usually done in “steps.” Say your map is 4,000 studs by 4,000 studs (or larger!). We can divide the work into four parts, hand-made, fully painted and custom terrain in four updates. 1,000 studs, %25 of the map done, and the first payment. Then another 1,000 studs, half the job is done, 50%, payment. Then 75%, then 100%. This ensures the creator is paid for their work, and the employer is happy with the project and is seeing progress on the map.

We will discuss the price of the map based on the size and detail of said map. A small 600x600 map with some additional modeling will start roughly 45k-50k Robux or about $125-150usd. This price reflects and goes up depending primarily on size, then as well on modeling and extras. For instance, a 8,000x8,0000 map would begin about 250,000 Robux or it’s equivalent in Devex rates.

Keep in mind, time is money, and I may be very busy during the time. We will sit down and discuss EXACTLY what you want from the map and job. Once you agree on the direction, and I start, we won’t change, update, or remove anything agreed upon in the plans. If you ask for a forest and plains area, agree, and we begin the job… then you want to add on a volcano, desert, and snow biome, you will either pay for these additions or go without. Please make sure you detail out what you need before I start to work, as it costs me time and money for picky or uncertain jobs that try to pile on hours of additional work after the fact.

Delivery of the Map!

Once we reach the 100% completion spot, and the finally payment has been handle, you will be given your map file via Studio as well as the Blender file if requested (where I will create custom trees and rocks for you.)

Get in touch with me!

You can find my Twitter at:
Please read my bio or pinned post first for further details on contacting me.

Black Tea and Coffee fuel me! - AA


gud luc bro <3 hope u get selected


Very interesting work, Ill make sure to keep you in mind if I have a build commission! I hope your building skills can go even further and impress everybody in the future!


Wow, my breath is taken away in how good everything is, great job!


Just an all-around fantastic person to work both for and with. Certainly one of if not the most accomplished and skilled builders on the platform. If you need something built and then some, this is definitely your guy.

Overall I’ll give him like 3/5 stars


Aerials’ work is incredible! His determination and desire to perfect his craft each day is one of his best qualities. He knows how to produce some good results, and does an exceptional job as the owner and administrator of Roblox Architects!


Amazing architect, and a really nice guy to work with. Aerials is very talented with showcasing designing, and will certainly give you the bang for your buck!


Amazing guy amazing work! Pls get him in the program.

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Great skills, talent is pure 100%! You’re work is very well done and hopefully get paid well in your future! Great job. :wine_glass: Cheers!

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An excellent creator with a powerful work ethic, Aerials would be great for inclusion in the UGC program. He has an honest and friendly demeanor and would be great to work with both professionally and otherwise.


Wow! I completely love the attention to detail on the maps you’ve made. Good luck on your road to becoming a UGC Creator!

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I really like the neat showcases and unique UGC concepts. I’m excited to see more of your work, but this alone is enough to impress me! Good luck!


You are really good! I would love if you got into UGC as well!


Lord have mercy :eyeglasses: :pinching_hand:
now this right here is nice


Wow! Your builds are absolutely amazing! I was wondering how did you learn to build on roblox? Any tips for other developers?

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A lot of trial and error. Making mistakes bad enough to make me quit for a day, then learning to not make that same mistake again, ect.
I actually have a short building guide by me as well full of tips.


This looks sick, i don’t see how you couldn’t be on there, better than some stuff that’s already in the catalog

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Great job! You are on a different level of experience, hopefully you get selected. 9/10.

I’m amazed at your showcases and your UGC items, it’s a shame you aren’t in yet!

Stunning work, just as the portfolio says! May I ask how you build so fast?