StylesPlus v1.0 | Discontinued, even docs

StylesPlus it’s a GUI library with built-in classes and element constructor, you can also create your own animations and different styles with module constructors, this module it’s a remake of my module called EzInterface.

This module was inspired by Google Materials

You can find everything you need to use my module below. I need to say that my module it’s very easy and if you don’t need a solid knowledge of Lua if you only will use the built-in classes.

:books: Documentation

:open_file_folder: Installation

:grey_question: Discord (Support & Feedback)

What does this module include?

  • Colorpicker
  • Radiobuttons
  • Textboxes
  • Buttons
  • Alerts
  • Modalboxes
  • Sliders
  • Tooltips
  • Checkboxes
  • Elements
  • Properties(Styles)
  • Animations

And everything listed in classes it’s customizable.

  • Nothing here (RadialMenu PENDING)

You can check the module by yourself on this place

If you can’t, here’s a showcase video



Phase 1 from the module only accepts code, the phase 2 will convert this into a plugin that creates styles and uses built-in classes.

Also, I’m looking for more feature ideas, so if you have an idea you can reply to this comment.

If you already used the module for building an interface, I would appreciate if you could show me your amazing creation and what you think it’s a difficulty while using my module :relaxed:

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This looks good. Keep up the work!


Oh yeah, this one looks very good.

It could have lots of applications in the UI field. Thanks for this nice module :slight_smile:


omg yess this stuff is awesome !!! was wondering if u r looking for more feature ideas for this cuz i have some tht could help this module expand more.


Sure! Tell me your ideas, I want to expand my module


frame switching like how u switch tabs in a browser is one thing.

circular selection ui like for whn u leave game via controller

array with names and maybe ids to scrolling frame with grid layout (for stuff like shops)
an info frame.

ui shake??


Yeah, I had that idea but still thinking about if I need to implement or not because only would be useful on plugins.

I don’t know what’s this

You can already do it manually with the element constructor.

local scrolling =
        Size =, 300),
        Children = {
            ['TextButton'] = {
                Name = "Button1"
            ['TextButton'] = {
                Name = "Button2"
            ['TextButton'] = {
                Name = "Button3"

for _,v in pairs(scrolling:GetObject():GetDescendants()) do 
    if string.match(v.Name, "Button") then
        local button ='Button', v)

Like shaking the UI with script?


there r multiple use cases for example in shops with categories


oh thx didnt realize this helps a ton

yeup like if they try to click smthg unclickable

I would like to know too if there is implementation like in the above message, the menu wheel. Thanks!


Well, I’ll be working to implement this into built-in classes, stay tuned.

Suggestion by @crazygamer817


I would like if you could message me or something on the day it comes, there’s no other way for me to check every day. Thanks!


cn u also pls do the categories thing too if not thn ill make my own and send it here so cn integr8 it into ur module

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Sure, I’ll include Tabs class on the v1.1.

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Great module! Just wish the code was a bit cleaner in some places e.g the pattern

	if object:IsA("GuiObject") then

which seems to be used in most classes would make more sense as an assert

	assert(object:IsA("GuiObject"), "Object needs to be GuiObject")

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Thanks for the remind! If you find more things like this you can send me a private message through the forum. (By the way, the new function it’s deprecated by calling it manually, I’ll be adding an assert on the constructor)

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Me and river are currently working together to implement Radial Menu class into StylesPlus Will keep yall updated!


Hey man don’t worry we will work oh that thanks! :open_hands:

hey uuh not to rush or anything but is it possible for u to lmk whn the 1.1 will be released i will time my devolopment priorities accordingly

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oh wow that is pretty fast.
Creating a Radial Menu (
maybe this could help