Stylized building assets using texture atlases

Recently saw how texture atlases are used in other games to reduce the performance impact of individual textures. Basically, using a single texture/image for a large amount of objects. You see, the game only loads that texture in once, instead of loading one in for every individual model that needs it. This means that in a scene with let’s say, 1000 of these objects, only 1 texture file is loaded in. I am not really sure if I nailed the specifics, but it more or less works like this.

So I did this Roblox:
The style is inspired by Genshin Impact/Ghibli Studio works
(I used Substance Painter and Blender)

Wood. These two rows use 2 different texture atlases, one for the clean one and another for the mossy one. Essentially only 2 textures are used.

Stone. 3 rows, 3 texture atlases. Clean, dirty, mossy.

I also decided to add SurfaceAppearance into the mix. This uses 4 texture files, our previous colormap (base texture), normal map (for bumpiness), and roughness and metalness maps. Plus the performance impact of actually rendering these. Well I barely noticed drops in fps in studio, so I think this is also a win.


You might notice that the texture resolutions are pretty low, which is true because Roblox only allows 1024*1024 images to be uploaded. And I fit all of these textures into that small size, but in the end I don’t think its that noticeable or bad.

Feedback on the visual or technical side of things would be appreciated! Is this a good method for optimization on Roblox, or does it work differently from other games?


dang man the textures do be low quality

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Here is what the wood looks like at a better quality. Unfortunately cant do much until Roblox decides to increase their max image resolution :man_shrugging:

nice… except… that really looks like a texture, not 3D… soooooo ye

Oh if that’s what you meant then here’s how it looks in that mode.

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much. better. much, much better.