Sub-outfits, an answer to the limited customization newer outfits bring

As a roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make ugc for players to wear, and as a roblox player, there are no customization choices for packages with already baked in clothing.

Here is a quick markup of what finding suboutfits would look like

You would be able to buy them from other developers, who re-textured the outfit and then uploaded them from the site. This would allow for more player customization and opportunities for developers to make money, and could have a fee or only be given to users on a whitelist to be listed, and you would be required to own the original outfit to purchase and wear them (as to avoid the current issues with the ugc clothing catalog)

As a use case for why you would want to wear a sub-outfit:
The character on the left fits the outfit perfectly, with matching colors and skin tone. The one on the left, does not match; she has pink hair that clashes with the purple, and a white skintone on her fingers while she has a black skintone.
This suboutfit I made (Logo from Freepik), better matches the avatar, with a wolf logo to match her wolf hair, pink to match her pink hair, and a more fitting skintone on the fingers.

Allowing this would allow the new rthro designed outfits to be customized and would give more customization to older outfits as well.

Note: Packages are now called outfits, which is why i refer to as outfits in this, not to be confused with the upcoming packages feature.

In the case of the skin/clothing, these seem like issues with Roblox’s design choices and not something that needs to be worked around.

Skin-locked packages should never exist (report a bug if you find one).

As for clothing, Roblox should stop baking 2D clothing into packages and release them as shirts/pants instead. In this case, the jacket, gloves, skirt, belt, and boots would be baked into the package because they have 3D aspects, but the purple shirt/pants should have just been released as shirts/pants bundled together with the outfit that players could swap out at their leisure.

Thirdly, Roblox needs to appropriately separate doodads. into separate accessories instead of baking them into the package.

These three things should rectify a lot of issues with outfits. Sub-outfits don’t seem very scalable because you’re displaying them in such a small space (what happens if there are 100 sub-outfits for a single outfit?).


Yeah, I’ll go ahead and file a bug report for the Wild Star package being skin locked, it’s strange that it is skinlocked to having caucasian skin tones considering the roblox toy for it has an African skin tone.

I agree with the rest of your points, that solution does make a lot more sense, i’m not sure if you made a feature request for all the 2nd and 3rd points you’ve made but if you have, link me to it so i can like it and give support to it :yum:.

No feature request for 2nd, but there is one for the 3rd (see linked text in previous post).

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