Packages should have doodads separated off into hats

There are doodads on packages that would really work well as their own hats. For instance, Korblox Lord of Death provides some really neat draping cloths on the torso that I’d love to wear with other packages – the same with its belt:

The Doombringer provides some wings I’d like to use separate from the package:

On the other hand, we have great packages like Agent 53 that are ruined by tacky addons – in this case the satellite on the back.

PT-ST4 provides some really awesome sci-fi armor, but it has a tacky remote control pack on the back which has prevented me from wearing it:

If pieces like these were their own hats included in the package rather than attached to the body parts themselves, that would allow for greater customization options and open up the possibility of creating some really neat combos.


The problem in my case would be that it decreases the overall amount of hats i can wear. I’d love to be able to wear those parts seperately but i don’t think i want to sacrifice a hat slot for it.

This will be a non-issue with the changes planned for R15 which will allow for many more hats to be worn.

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I sure hope they deliver soon

I agree completely.

Wouldn’t at all have to do with your wanting to use one of those packages in a game but not doing so due to an add-on, would it? :wink:

As a suggestion though, I agree; it’d be legit.

With my own games I can edit the package in blender and re-upload the improved mesh. I would like to wear the PT-ST4 torso on the website and wear it into other games as well, but in neither of these cases do I have any control over the mesh. I also wanted to wear the leg drapes while still wearing the PT-ST4 torso.

I do love me some doodads

Look at this awesome package I picked up for the memorial day sale:

Jk. -5/10 for having accessories locked to a package:


It would be great if the wings from the crimson claw package could be restored to their former glory of being gigantic by being an accessory that can be worn on any outfit, rather than being shrunk down to their current size due to issues with outerbox r15 collisions



This. Right now the crimson claw wings look horrible, because instead of just separating the wings into a separate back accessory, they just shrunk them.

What they look like now:

What they should look like:

This could have easily been fixed by making the wings a seperate back accessory.


Figured I would bring this back up since avatars are being overhauled in prep for the new layered clothing system, mesh heads, facial animations, etc.

Are there any plans / would it be possible to break up packages more to allow further customization? The crimson claw package still has decimated/shrunken wings, the doombringer still has wings attached, etc etc.