Submarine needs not to be filled with water

I have a submarine but I need it in the water and when I do that the water fills up the submarine. I can’t erode because when you move there will be an empty blob of water.

Throw in a 0.99 transparent glass part in your submarine, hacky way to do this. Roblox hasn’t added shorelines yet.

How do I do that like can you link a yt tutorial.

Assuming the hull is a Union, just move it up 100 studs separate size it down .1 then change material and disable can collide. Move it back down 100 and if you need to then adjust. Probably should disable shadows too but experiment with that.

Can you show me a yt video, I am not that good in scripting and all that stuff.

The only issue with this is that it only visually removes the water, but if a player is in the sub they’ll still be swimming. OP would have to deal with that issue too.
@Ge_inki you don’t need to script anything for @b_unnymaster’s explanation. You only need to copy a shape similar to your sub and make it Glass so that it causes the water to appear to be invisible.

Ye but then u would be swimming right?

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Actully new topic I need to make an e hold thingy and it will tp u in the driver seat.