Subplace Teleporting

Subplace Teleporting:

If some of you didnt know, subplace teleporting is like teleporting people through different places which are located in the main game’s asset manager, meaning your player will appear in the same game you first joined in under your profile even though your in a different “place”.

My aim:

I would like to create it so that if you teleport back to the main game from a subplace, the character will spawn somewhere else, like for example if you walk into the teleporter that takes you to a subplace, if you teleport back to that game that has the teleporter in it, it would spawn outside of the teleporter instead of the spawn you started with when you first load up the main game.

If this doesn’t make any sense then let me know ill try simplify the explanation.

If somebody does know and does understand then please your help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


You could use TeleportData when player teleports from a subplace to the starting place, so you can change the spawn point of the player. (its client sided so it could be exploited)


Otherwise, maybe you could use DataStoreService to save when the player triggered the teleport from the subplace, save a value about that, save the DataStore, take a little time before teleporting, then, when joining the starting place, read that DataStore, find the value, if the value is true, means the player came from a subplace, perform the spawn change point

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