'Subscribe to Premium' ads being shown to Premium users

Reproduction Steps

By visiting Roblox as a premium user, I am being shown ‘Subscribe to Premium’ ads even though I already have Premium

Expected Behavior

For these ads to not appear, I already have premium not sure why they would be showing

Actual Behavior

(Images wouldn’t upload, posting direct image links instead)

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: roblox.com
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly
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I think its higher than that, they literally suspending ads, people wasted their money


Yup, it appears for me.

What’s the point of it tho?

This bug us not relating to that, this bug report is specifically targetted at the fact that premium ads are being shown to premium users, not the fact that the ad system was broken.

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This is incredibly annoying, especially if you already have the highest Premium level. Regardless of which tier you have (iirc), you can’t really do anything on the Premium page since you can no longer change tiers without first cancelling and then waiting for the expiration.

Premium levels are only for how much Robux you get a month. Just because you spend $19.99 a month doesn’t make you any more special than the $4.99 tier of premium.

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Exactly. My point is if someone was a Premium 450 or 1000 member, it’s not likely but they could assume that they’re being encouraged to upgrade further, which doesn’t really make sense since all they would get today is more Robux per month, but Premium 2200 members really have nothing else to upgrade to. They could become ID verified if eligible but that has nothing to do with the subscriptions that are being advertised.

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I think it’s because the UGC ads are not on anymore, therefore the ad system automatically puts the one and only ad remaining, the premium one.

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UPDATE: They’re back to normal!
I’m starting to see ads for RoBeats and Thanos Simulator, etc.

Edit 8/17: Now they’re gone again

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The User Ads system is offline due to an issue.
The Subscribe to Roblox Premium advertisement is some sort of a default/fallback ad that Roblox always has up.
Regardless of whether or not you have Premium, you occasionally will see this ad around the site, but because nobody else can advertise their experience, group, or catalog item, this is the only ad that shows.

from what I’ve heard, ads are temporarily down atm.

Yes, the User Ads system is down.
character limit go brrrrrrrrrr

there because of aaaa u know ad imgs not being filtered thats why

for the answer of ur actual question yes it will be displayed to all user who even has premium

As of 8/17/22, 3:39 pm EST the ads system has started working again.

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Thanks for the report. As stated above, user ads were temporarily down so this is not a defect.

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I would argue that this is still an issue, a premium user should recieve a different ad (such as a ‘buy Robux ad’?) rather than a premium ad, a premium user shouldn’t ever be advertised to buy premium again, even if the user ad system is down.

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