Subscriptions Not Working (BUG)

Update: Users now have access to their perks but I still have no record of the purchase in my pending/group sales/creator dashboard.

Hello my experience recently launched a subscription in our store for $4.99 a month, users have purchased it but are not getting their in-game benefits and have proven to us in Discord they did in fact purchase it however our Roblox group shows nothing showing that anyone has purchased it and on the creator dashboard I checked the subscriptions analytics and it shows 0 purchases of the subscription. I believe there is a big bug causing Roblox to not fully process the subscriptions and our users are blaming us for it right now when we have no records of their purchase but they proved they purchased it. I hope someone from DET sees this and looks into this. I attached a subscription email proving it was purchased but we have no records of it and users are not receiving their in-game perks because of it as Roblox is not properly processing this.