Subscriptions within experiences: Livetopia Implementation

Isnt that the entirety of Roblox?


I don’t use monthly subscriptions for 1 reason only:
You can’t make them for robux, I’m in Russia, where there are some sanctions, because of which the method of payment with dollars is not profitable at all
I would be glad if as soon as possible to make the payment method with robux, then I think we will immediately make subscriptions in my game as well


It drastically increases their cut of the revenue for developers to use subscriptions over game passes. Maybe there’s another reason for the massive promotion of it, maybe not. Either way it’s a bad look.
User pays with USD, developer is paid in robux. Ridiculous.


I don’t appreciate an advertisement in the announcements category for a feature I can’t even use.


Yeah you are working on it right? Is that why this happened many times in the past as well its because you guys worked on it. Like this is the first time this happens.

We don’t care that “many creators asked us” these are some 50 year old whining wife excuses. This is not an announcement and yet this announcement is still exists here. Its because you guys are working on it.

Wanna work it? Then take the damn thread out of this category!!!


Guys, we’ve officially come to the point where there’s an ad for a children’s game with a very young audience, like, let’s say 6 to 9 years old, in the fricking annoucements channel.

Roblox, this is a channel for annoucements, not advertisments. It’s like Roblox is trying everything in their power to get us to use these subscriptions.
Also, I have no idea if these Livetopia subscriptions are actually doing well! Sure, they may be well thought out, but are people actually buying them? No Idea!

You’ve already made about 5 posts, or “annoucements”, of subscriptions, when one introducing the feature and maybe another one with a guide on how to use it seperately would’ve been fine. But 5+ posts on the same topic… C’mon.


They are only making this announcement because everybody got angry at the idea of subscriptions introducing more and more P2W gameplay. But on the actual topic of this post, I like the way that Livetopia implemented subscriptions. They provided a value factor and made it either optional for a subscription, or to outright pay for what individual item the user would life, and I think that providing a “deal” to be had with subscriptions is a fair way to use them.


I’m struggling to understand just why, exactly, should I care?


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna be rude.

But who asked?


Roblox seems to strongly be trying to push these Subscriptions onto developers and their community :grimacing:
At least everyone has a choice to whether they want to do this, would be curious to see an adoption stat in the coming future.


Most of our users are unable to purchase subscriptions due to age or country.

This represents a huge loss of revenue for us and we’d like to offer these users a gamepass instead for the same benefits.

There aren’t any methods for detecting whether or not a user is eligible to purchase subscriptions. When will this be addressed? Is there anything we can do in the meantime?

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I still don’t understand how subscriptions are supposed to be better than just implementing a developer product-based subscription, especially since the devs get paid in Robux from subscriptions.