Subterranean Research Base - 1.4.5 changelog

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🠔 The Maintenance Update/Patch 1.4 | (soon) 🠖

Welcome to 1.4.5 - The Community Patch!
It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

This patch update for The Maintenance Update at Subterranean Research Base has arrived today, offering some new features and bug fixes for The Maintenance Update. But most importantly, to begin a new chapter for Subterranean Research Base and to ease the transition to the next major update, codenamed Tempo.

A personal note from me.
I know it’s been awhile without updates to the game; let me set the record straight, we are not cancelling/discontinuing this game. To put it simply, a lot has been happening with our lives which impacted how quickly we push out new updates. For a long time, my focus for this project has drifted drastically due to life and development burnout (just to name a few) to a point I didn’t feel like working on this game as much as I used to and therefore, abandoned it. And by doing so, traffic to this game and our community drastically dropped as a result. Many felt disappointed that there was no updates and some even begin to have strong feelings that the game and our group is dead, in which I humbly apologize. The team and I want to do better next time, we’ll get back up, dust ourselves off, and continue moving forward.

The reason why I called it “The Community Patch” is because it is dedicated to the community. The community sent feedback about 1.4 on what we can do to make it better over time. It’s no secret that many key elements from prior versions of Subterranean Research Base went missing on 1.4 due a complete server and client code rewrite. This patch re-introduces some missing features that our past players find welcoming and new players find enjoyable.

Now, what’s new in this patch update?

The Return of Legacy Thermal Runaway

No, you’re not dreaming, you read that right. Thermal Runaway, a feature added on version 1.2 makes a big comeback in this patch update, it’s dubbed “legacy” because it is based on 1.2’s thermal runaway mechanics.

Many new additions and improvements have been done. For starters, there’s a new “Project Lightstar” operations manual with a calibration module included. As it is hidden somewhere in Sector B, it is your duty to find the manual and in the event of a thermal runaway, use the manual to your advantage to safely terminate the Light Photon Unit.

You better hurry as you don’t have much time. Don’t let the LPU go beyond 10,000 Kelvin or else, you will regret the consequences.

Good luck!

Complete electrical box mechanics overhaul

The days of using a wrench and just staring at an electrical box doing nothing while you “repair” the electrical box are over.

The electrical boxes were first introduced in 1.4, but was extremely basic on what you can do to repair them. This patch update changes all of that in a big way, and no, it’s not just a visual refresh.

The new electrical box is completely interactive! You can now click on its door to open it, see the components inside and now, perform actual repairs to it. There are two new components you can obtain at Sector B - Delivery Complex to repair the electrical box.

First, a dedicated screwdriver to remove the main logic board from the electrical box. And second, the main logic board itself.

Now, how do I repair this thing?

  1. When the electrical box requires repair due to uncertain scenarios, open the door and click on the main switch to safely turn off the electrical box. If it’s on fire for god-who-knows, use the fire extinguisher and extinguish it. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INTERACT WITH A COMBUSTED ELECTRICAL BOX WITHOUT FIRST EXTINGUISHING THE FIRE, DOING SO WILL CAUSE SERIOUS INJURIES.
  2. Click on the main connector connecting the switch to the logic board to disconnect the cable.
  3. Using your new screwdriver, loosen all 6 screws holding the main logic board to the electrical box’s backplate. Once done, click on the logic board, it should pop out from its backplate.
  4. Grab a new logic board at Delivery Complex. Then, equip it and touch the electrical box with it.
  5. Using your new screwdriver again, tighten all 6 screws down to the logic board’s backplate, ensuring it is secure to it.
  6. Click on the main connector to reconnect the main switch to the logic board.
  7. Flick the main power switch and you’re done!

Be careful as some logic boards may be faulty and could cause a combustion when restoring its power. When this happens, calm down (even though you lost a bit of health), take a deep breath, and use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Then, replace the faulty logic board with a new one.

Design refresh for some areas

Some sectors received a much needed refresh with new paint and some TLC.

Most notably, Sector A - Conferencing received a new hallway and some changes made to the conferencing room. Sector A also brims a new coat of paint to match with the aesthetics; some may remember the original hallway design during early development. :wink:

Many UI refresh

From decreasing the roundness, to bringing new color scheme, the UI has been polished up, thanks to community feedback. We’ve also changed many verbiages in the “Pick a Spawn Location” interface and cleaned up many unnecessary whitespaces.

Misc. changes and fixes

  • Many ambient sound effects were tweaked to fit in specific areas, including the ZeptoTram.
  • Vending machines added! Craving for chips? Go get some at your nearest participating vending machine while supplies last. (we plan to add more goodies to it soon, stay tuned!)
  • ZeptoTram departs much faster than before.
  • RADComm (walkie-talkie) no longer requires to be charged and the dreaded “dead battery” alert has been removed, for now.
  • Flashlight is a group member exclusive! Join our group and get your very own flashlight.
  • Many fonts that used Gotham have been replaced with Montserrat or another alternatives.
  • If you participated in the 2022 April Fools update, “Sa’mores” is added. A quick recap, taking a bite out of “Sa’mores” not only heals you, but allows you to enter the LPU chamber without a hazmat suit.
  • The infamous coal gear has been added for those of you who participated in the christmas update and received coal.
  • The infamous radio from Sector B - Delivery Complex has returned, featuring new radio stations.
  • Taking out a blown fuse no longer requires you to turn off the “Fuses Lock” switch.
  • Containment override button added from the outside, so that if you forgot to open it, you can temporarily open it from the outside.

A very special thanks to the wonderful quality assurance team and those listed in the credits in-game, and a special thanks to the community and feedback. We hope you enjoy The Community Patch! This is one of the biggest patch update for Subterranean Research Base to date.

Good luck and have fun!