Subway Environment and Lighting

Decided to try my hand at FiB’s new lighting tech, and wanted to do something in a subway/metro location. A single flare provides all the light in the room and I was pretty surprised with how the shadows turned out.

Inspired by a certain game…


It’s great! I love lighting and environment, (my specialty,) and I think that’s great use of FiB 3! My one suggestion is to add lighting to the lights on the subway car, that would add some realism. Also, I would recommend using a blur, try 1-5. Blur adds a bit of, for lack of better word, creepiness to the environment. Other than that, great job!


By any chance did you get the place idea from the L4D No Mercy Subway thing? Just reminds me of it. Looks good though!

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I am gasping for words on this picture, looks real to me with the new FIB update that was released a week ago. :shock: Not really gasping, just a phrase.

Anyway, it’s a nice subway scene with all the details on the wall and the materials chosen of the build and I don’t see anything to improve!

Great work! :happy3:


I like the foliage and detail at the back and that all the surfaces have texture.

try putting in a red light without shadows that fills the whole scene and is very very low brightness and some detail in the pitch black areas will show.

The flare looks really, really good too.

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Afraid not, but good guess! There are a few references in the image that give good hints.

It’s looks amazing, but I feel as if it’s a little too red, but if you were going for that look, you nailed it!

Oooh is this inspired by the Last of Us?


One of the coolest lighting settings I have seen so far. I love the colors and how its bright red and black.