Subway Surfers Jetpack Particle Help

so im trying to create a particle like this:

the particle also twists from left to right.

i tryd animating it, but that didnt work.
i also tryd to make it that rainbow effect and also didnt work.

can someone help me with this pls

robloxapp-20220601-1427012.wmv (1.1 MB)
I added 2 parts that always turn left and right, and I used the particle properties to make them change color.

Is this what you mean?

the color and the from left to right is good, the only problem now is that it needs to be the same width and not expand

This is what it looks like without expanding:
robloxapp-20220601-1434278.wmv (1.1 MB)

but then it still goes from a smal width to a bigger one

The partical size is consistent, it may look like it expanding but it is not.

like this

not like this

how did you do this then, ill try to fix that issue myself.

You mentioned the partials twisting left to right, the only scripts i added were the scripts to twist them left to right. This is the texture i used for the paricals: rbxassetid://5428256346 and i used the color to make them rainbow,
if you click those 3 dots, you will see what i mean.

so i tried making it twist but that didnt work.

my script:

while true do
	script.Parent.Acceleration.X = script.Parent.Acceleration.X + 10
	script.Parent.Acceleration.X = script.Parent.Acceleration.X - 10