Subway Train I made

What do you guys think?


I don’t know if this is your first time making a subway train I assume you’re a beginner. I would say is not bad pretty basic and it looks like the type of train everyone can make it.

Things you can improve

  • Add seats for the interior
  • Add more details to the train
  • smooth out the edges
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Needs a lot of work, I would try using more materials, and maybe adding some more detailing inside.

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beautiful construction!! 10/10

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I’d think it can have a better job to it, Guessing by the looks, it looks like your first subway.
Here are things you need to improve:
smoothness edges, more detail. interior details, texture, lights on front, etc.

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Okay guys, I need help which interior looks best? image

Okay @Plethoa @Pixelctrl @SingaporeSteadyLah @Bruce_Wayne943 I have completed the build! (I think)


I upgraded the front!

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Now it’s more amazing I loved it!!!

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Honestly, looks a little bit cool but simple, plus there’s a part of the train that is missing.

But we can fix this problem:

  • First, to improve everything, you need to make some little changes in your Roblox Studio settings such as the Rotate and Move.

    Many of users when start to build in Studio for the first time have Rotate as 5 degrees and Move as 1 Studs. Let’s keep the Rotate as 5 degrees and change the Move to something better for the subway train like 0,05.

  • After that, the walls of the metro…

What I first do to look smooth is making the material to Plastic as SmoothPlastic (it’s like the Plastic but more smoother and shinier), which is going to look cool:



  • Now the above part which we can see the vision, we can insert another part or just duplicate the blue walls of the metro. Once you do this, select the 4 above parts and duplicate them as the celling (make sure it’s not big!):

And also don’t forget these extra parts that we are going to use in a plugin called GeomTools which is going to create a wedge for us:

If you did some error and making a wrong wedge, use the command CTRL + Z to undo it.

  • With the GeomTools, let’s use him for now for above part to make the perfect celling. Fixing some things, the result is going to be this:

Very nice, am I right?

  • For the final part, add the glass (make sure the material is Glass and transparency 0,5), door and decorate inside, adding some lights, chairs and control system.

    • A tip for you is that to do the door, you first need to insert a NegativePart and select the grey and blue wall. Click in the Solid Modeling section and put as Union, making an entrance…

(This part showing the arrows is the NegativePart)

(This is when we put as union)

This is the door! The grey part of the metal door, you unable the CanCollide option so the character can enter inside.

  • Another good tip that is going to help you is that if you want to make very perfect just like mine, what I do is duplicate one of the corner parts and in the above, copy the position and paste the corner’s “clone”

(The corner parts)

(Copying and pasting the postion of the above metal door part in the duplicated corner. Now just need to put a little bit down and tada! This not only helps to make this, the door, but also in many other things)

  • After this, continue decorating like a little bit of a metro and kaboom! The result is going to be this!

  • If you think that the control system panel looks bad, remove and just put chairs and use the GeomTools to make the good ol wedges:

(Make sure all of the construction is anchored!)

And that’s all to a better subway train! Hope my feedback helps you a lot + trying to explain how you can improve this creation!