Success() event for the Output window

Hit there,

In the Output Window we currently have 3 different types of Events

  • Error
  • Warning
  • Info
  • Default print (Is not an event)

I would like to have a new Event called “Success”. Basically it is like warn() but then green.


  • If you are building a backend for your game it is nice to actually see or something did succeed instead of using print(). Since ROBLOX doesn’t offer an search feature in the Output, I can’t actually see what is going right in all those prints :frowning:
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It would be nice if the Event ‘Info’ could be exposed too :slight_smile:

Custom message colors is something I wanted to add to the dev console.


Cool ! But I’m not taking about the Dev console, I want to have a better experience with the Output window that is built-in :frowning: