Such thing as Anti CoreGUI?

Hello, I was wanting to see if theres a way to replicate a AntiCore GUI script, as showen on Gabe’s YouTube Anti CoreGui, Roblox - YouTube
If so could someone explain it to me?


You’re going to have to ask him yourself. I do warn you that it is not worth your time to make this client sided anticheat.

I think his is SS?

I’m not exactly sure,

this isn’t actually possible. They must have edited the scripts to kick them after some time.

Coregui Is unaccessable by scripts
attempting to will cause an error
all ways to detect it will be bypassed
the only way to detect if there is a way still is through weird bypasses

It is most definitely possible as I have a private method which can do this. I’m just saying it’s not worth the time.

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You willing to share source over discord?
I’m building a Wide-Range Anti-Cheat called Eclipse.

unfortunately I can not since it is a private method that relies on a secret vulnerability.

by the way, an anticheat should solve the root problem itself, not the GUI. it should be solving whatever the GUI itself does.

True, but you can’t exactly solve Remote Spy’s or Dark-Dex

I have finished the Movement side of my anti-exploit and was looking for more things to add.

Those both have individual solutions that can be solved by using vulnerabilities.

I’m not to big brain also using memory is not a good way.

my dex detection does not use memory. again, i disadvise making client sided detections as it is easily bypassible.

Are you insinuating your method is server-sided?
And if it is, well done.

P.S i was not saying your detection uses memory i was stating my detection method, and i dont use it anymore due to how many false positives it yields.

That detection checks the mouse position and object pressed.