Sudden strange glitches occurring in my game, Character is nil, "Ownership Check" Error

Hello, I really tried to make my title as specific as possible, but the only way I could describe it was strange things happening with no explanation, and I’m a little panicked.

I would like to clarify. I have NO free models in my game and I have not ever added a free model to my game. Everything in my game is scripted entirely by me. The only plugin I have downloaded onto studio is the Custom Character Creator plugin which I’ve had for nearly a year, as well as the original Kohls Admin. (not a knock off, the real one)

I have an animal RPG and I was in an active server with 50 people playing. Usually, I stick around for a while with the console open to see if any errors are happening. For 2 hours, there were barely any errors aside from “Sound failed to load” errors, which are kind of normal. But then very suddenly, no one could spawn anymore, and I was getting several errors in console saying that “player.Character” is nil and a lot of other errors telling me that things don’t exist and the game couldn’t find the player’s character. This happens immediately at spawn when I have a script that simply turns every part into the character invisible and attaches a new animal model to the torso. This has never happened before just today, and I have not changed my scripts at all for months.

What I found strange was that it happened right in the middle of gameplay. I did not update my game in any way, and the ui started popping up as well as major script-breaking errors.

Is this happening to anyone else?

The only things I could think of that could cause this were:

  1. Roblox made a strange/broken update
  2. Kohls Admin might be making my game function differently. the only reason I think this is because recently, it was down and the creators had to fix it just a day ago.

So to fix what i THOUGHT was the problem, I just removed Kohl’s Admin because it’s not very essential to gameplay anyways, and this did not stop the errors.

After a closer inspection of the errors I was getting, I was getting spammed with this error a lot:

I’m a little new to the developing world, and I don’t know what that means. Could someone shed some light onto this, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!!


A kind person told me that the SHIFT lock was in my settings! I edited that part out! But the rest of the errors are still unsolved.

You may want to update the title of the post.


Do you know what Model is, and if you have the module, could you post some code?

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The problem is I’ve never written a module, so that’s why I’m confused. I don’t know where that error is coming from. I wish I could be less vague than this, but here were some errors I was experiencing:

The character is supposed to be able to color their character, and this script is breaking, telling me that there is no model on the character, because there is no character. In the settings, I have CharacterAutoLoads set to true, so the character is always supposed to spawn normally.

This only started happening just an hour ago, and these character loading scripts have been in my game for months with no issue.

EDIT: The last option I could think of was to just shut down all the servers and reboot the game. So far, after joining a new game, these weird errors vanished. I’ll update again if it starts to happen again. I’m just a little nervous because I wouldn’t want my game to break again like that and not know about it, so I’m looking for a permanent solution :grinning:

Thank you! I did.

Can you post the code for that script? (Or at least, relevant lines)

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Sure! This is the script, but this wasn’t the only script that was breaking. Every script that called for the player’s character was breaking.

219 colorneck:OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player,color)
220 local Bird = player.Character:FindFirstChildOfClass(“Model”)
221 Bird:WaitForChild(“Neck”).Color = color
222 end)

Near the start of your script,

local function WaitForChildOfClass(parent, class)
	local child = parent:FindFirstChildOfClass(class)
	while not child or child.ClassName ~= class do
		child = parent.ChildAdded:Wait()
	return child

And where it’s relevant

local Bird = WaitForChildOfClass(player.Character, Type)

Sidenote: It’s RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent, not RemoteEvent:OnServerEvent

If you post more scripts, I’m more than happy to help you out.

edit: I thought I best explain what I suspect is happening. I believe what is happening is that things are being parented after your script is indexing them. This is an issue that can be solved by WaitForChild, but I saw you were using FindFirstChildOfClass (awesome function btw) so I created my own little function that waits until a class is parented.


This local function doesn’t actually do anything because you aren’t returning Object:FindFirstChildOfClass(Type); also, I would recommend using the function which Fractality provided on the Engine Feature thread for WaitForChildOfClass.

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Thanks, knew that there was something off with my function! (I’ve edited my post)

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