Suddenly z-fighting glitches?

Howdy i noticed since i got a new gpu and playing roblox on DX 11 or 10.1 or whatever that i see those glitching overlapping areas …even tough outlines are disabled :tired_face::disappointed_relieved:

this not only happens for parts which are so close togheter but also even for parts which are 0.1~0.2 studs thick once i move further away or look from a specific angle :worried:

Make it specific

Also check if you’re not missing anything from the “steps to report a bug”:

sorry i will describe more specific : So more or less one moth ago i got a N-vidia GTX 660 TI oc2 ( overclocked 2)

After getting the newest drivers and getting sure it works flawless on high end games i Started Roblox studio.

With that i told the roblox studio settings to use the DX11 graphics mode .
After that i restarted studio and opened my model showcase to see if it works ; and it runned flawless both in test and real play mode.

Then i tested my ressource intensive Tatooine RP game and noticed extreme z-fighting / overlapping parts / colors that spazz out.

This was luckily only caused by the show outlines settings which someone in TC activated mithout my permission …anyways …

After that it worked fine without glitches like every other roblox game too…But since some few days with each day i suddenly noticed more and more z.-fighting issues …even the texture of my hats are clipping : …ok while typing this text i just played my tatooine place again …outlines are disabled but still the same issues …no matter if edit test or play mode …

And now comes the most odd part about that ! this picture shows one of the model in the glitched place and the other picture shows the same model from same distance from same angle in a new empty baseplate :

2’nd pic same model no z-fighting :

also odd now when i copy this model back into the other glitched place then it gets the glitch ):

you guys can test out the place if you temporarily join this group :
But then tell me your username so i can accept your join request …

Also my PC :
Windows 7 Professional SP1 version : 6.1.7601 x64
CPU - Intel I5-2500k @3.3 ghz 4 cores
8 gigs DDR5 RAM

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I also experienced zfighting on some walls which didn’t zfight before.

I suspect a change has been made in the accuracy of position data.
Just like when a Roblox update forced all bricks under 0.2 width to be scaled to 0.2.
Something similar… fishy…

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