Suggest an easy topic to do

hello guys, my name is twinofashazdigger and today you all are going to suggest a topic to me to work on but an easy one because i am a beginner at roblox studio and i am hoping you all to give me a good topic to work on.Thank you…

Why don’t you start with an obby? Don’t expect it to get popular but at least you’ll learn basic to advanced studio usage along the way. Challenge yourself to avoid free models. It’s always good to practice development before starting a career out of it.


thx bro u are correct, but i am already working on it.


Try a few small assets like houses, trees & bushes. Keep improving upon it and eventually you’ll get better. Watch videos to improve if you don’t know how.


i watch Alvinblox to improve my scripting and that’s a pretty great idea i think

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That really depends on what you enjoy the most since your a beginner at studio and still learning the process always start with something simple it could be nature assets, vehicle, buildings, a simple game, simple houses so on and so forth:

Always start simple with something your interested in (or things you like in the real world). So for me “practice” was always finding an reference image of a VFX, then see what I can add to improve it, then once your done try making another model, and then keep doing it and see how you improved from the first one to the last one.

If your into building or making assets. Find reference pictures. Whether beginner or professional it’s always good to start small and see what you can do to improve your building skills, or scripting skills something along those too lines:

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There’s always to me that there’s a difference to the different kinds of “Talents” or “Skills” You can Challenge yourself to achieve.

I’ll give you some Starter Tips to Help you get up on your feet with developing.

  • Try something over and over again! You’ll get better eventually even if that’s not the “Talent” or “Skill” you want like I talked about, Though you might like it above all things!

  • Challenge yourself to make different things like:

    • Watching Videos on Youtube.
    • Playing a Variation of different Roblox games to get inspiration.
    • Try small Assets that may lead in future times to build bigger assets like entire games possibly!
  • Don’t give up, but don’t go to big in the beginning.

  • Get some Advice on how to create your dreams!

And always a tip:

Power your Imagination! Make it come to a Virtual World where almost Anything could actually truely be possible! It’s Possible, Just challenge yourself further and don’t fall to early!

I hope these tips helped you no matter what, I’ve always been a builder which in the end lead me to Building Showcases and much more on Roblox Studio and Roblox in General!

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