Suggestion for Editing GFXs




Does any of you GFX Designer know any good free programs to edit pictures with? I’d like to use one to add text to things I made like this.

Thanks in advance!

Novice UI Developer and GFX Artist.


Paint DOT net and/or GIMP, completely free. PaintDOTNet GIMP


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Related the the Original question and you can get Awesome Fonts by searching “Fonts” on google and you can choose the site you want.


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No, cause I’m a “New Member” and I have it.


Any good fonts you would recommend?


I suggest using for finding fonts, they have plenty to pick from.

And as for software there’s plenty.

Krita (More paint focused though)
Adobe Photoshop Express (Essentially an extremely dumbed down version of Photoshop, it’s free.)


I can’t really recommend a Font to you because not all Fonts are good for all GFX so you have to find the one that suites the GFX you are working on the most.

Like how Movie Posters are they don’t have the same Fonts, neither do GFXs

And you can get Adobe Programs for free by using the Trial thingy, not sure if they still have it but you can edit the file’s code to extend your Trial, not sure if you can also still do that.


I would recommend using Photoshop. Once you learn how to use the program, everything is pretty mechanical. You can really do anything you want after learning how to use it. For fonts I would suggest, as you can simply browse the website and look around for fonts that you think would enhance your graphics. If you’re looking to render players and games, I’d recommend Cinema4D or Blender. It takes some basic understanding to produce good graphics with these programs, but once you get the basics laid down, you can do anything you want!