Suggestion of my really hard obby!

Hey thanks ever so much for your review we really need this sort of review considering most of the reviews I received are negative and wasn’t helpful.

This one was really helpful. And I will Fix this as soon as I can :slight_smile: if you have anymore suggestions we will add them to game.

this obby reminds me of the retro style games, although ui is bit random i think is a okay game

excuse me if your gameplay is bad what do you expect? congratulations?

You’re probably expecting way to much for a small developer to make a very high detailed game. My goal is to make fun games and yes I’m open for negative comments not the comments saying “you are a loser” most developers are referring to. I am looking for simple improvements and I totally understand that some people hate the game and some people don’t.

As a developer it’s my duty to take all reviews but I got to have full information and ideas! Not just saying “part” is bad

Also please stay on topic of this post you said your word so why are you here again?

Hey how could we improve on the UI?

im expecting a hard obby to be hard, and worth playing, is this somehow unjustified to you?

Not at all sir.

And I did say in the comment above I will make the obby much harder genuinely stage 1 was a mistake to make it that easy.

We have lots of updates planned to make this harder.

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maybe try to match the style on the game abit i guess