Suggestion of my really hard obby!

Hello Developers!

I have made a really hard obby and wondering what ideas I need and what needs to be improved is anyone willing to play my game and maybe complete my obby and tell me a full list on what needs improvement.

The game is currently in beta and you may experience issues.

Gui donation button doesn’t work.

More courses need to be added soon.

Speed pad may not work sometimes in use.

Thumbnails needs updating.

Please play the game by clicking the link below and let me know what needs improvement.


I recommend r6 instead of r15 and this hobby isn’t hard. It’s tedious if you want to see/make hard obbies you need to look at tiered obbies.


tedious is what makes the game fun and enjoyable.

Without tedious it would be easy to complete originally the obby had no check points so I personally think that without checkpoints it would be impossible.

This game is towards determined players who can beat the obby.

So far only 10 out of 200 players have completed the obby.

I would disagree. The games I mainly play on roblox are obbies (JToH, some tiered obbies, and some JToH fangames) and making an obby tedious is never really a good idea. I am a curator for JToH (I review towers for the game) and one thing I notice is that it causes players to become and bored and eventually lose interest. You generally want to make obbies hard and interesting, but not tedious. Making an obby tedious isn’t really a good way to make an obby hard.


Good but try making your own, I seen that you used a little bit tool box.

Sorry if you are replying to me I don’t believe I used the toolbox?

Could you please explain which object that you have found?

If its the train then yes I do admit the train is the only thing since I can’t script moving objects yet.

And if you disagree then with it being tedious then how can I improve on it to make it more fun?

The loading screen is from toolbox.

Thanks for the feedback yes the loading screen is from the toolbox and was added to the game when it was first released.

I will make my own loading screen and thanks for the feedback :+1:

if you make an obby there will be a few tedious parts. but the whole thing is just tedious not hard.

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look at some tiered obbies and jtoh towers. A good place to start off with is tower of Astronomically Aimless Annoyances the jumps are hard but fun at the same time and a good tiered obby to look at is beans.

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Hello people! Based on your suggestion my obby have received an overall upgrade and would love more suggestions.

Other games should give you a list of games to teleport too.

Medium setting should not even bother teleporting you, instead just make a text box that pops up saying “Medium setting under development.”

The difficulty button and the setting button both change difficultys. Maybe just not include it in settings and or make it lead to the difficulty button?

Possibly give a warning that when clicking the difficulty buttons it teleports you.

Make the waterfall on level 6 look a tad bit more natural.

Rotate the mountains by the train ride so it looks less copy and pasted.

The train looks kinda out of place because of how good quailty it is compared to the map

The trees are really symmetrical and out of place. Maybe spread them out?

The train ride isn’t fast enough, it was pretty boring waiting for it too.

The monster AI needs some better pathfinding.

Elevator button number 10 doesnt work

I got to the maze then after that I didnt know what to do

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Hey to help you out with the maze there are clues on level 10 however I’ll check all lifts to check if they are working.

Do you have any idea to give people an idea what they have to do since I put signage but people are still confused.

Hello I have made another update.

*Fixed background and rotated the mountains so they don’t look like they have been copied and paste as such.

*Graphic upgrades with colour correction (users will no longer view this game in low quality please note low end users may lag)

*Minor fixes with the train

The next update I’ll plan will be sorting out the maze so users know what to do. Once I fix the dialogue system.

your misleading a LOT with the idea that this is a “hard” obby, i just completed the first stage without jumping, fix this

Hello I will look into the first stage however the obby gets harder over time which our obby is painfully hard.

We haven’t miss lead people as most stages start of easy but thanks for your suggestion.

after torturing myself with this for a while, it gets a BIT harder, but stays incredibly easy regardless (its also horrible gameplay)

It’s a decent obby.
Gameplay is… about right for modern obby standards. Maybe a handful of unnecessary kill bricks. There’s really not that much to say about it.


content warning: how to destroy FPS

micro profiler had a stroke trying to capture this
EVERY 30 MILLISECONDS. WHY? (this happens for the entire duration of the menu screen being visible, but the game seems to occasionally do that every few seconds while playing)

Besides the CPU torture in what appears to be a while wait() do loop (considering the timing), it looks like some parts of the game, such as the camera on the menu screen, are tied to the client’s FPS.

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