Suggestions and Criticisms About My Icon

This is an icon I’m using for my obby game. (game not finished) What do you guys think of it? I used to make it for free because I was just looking for something simple. Should I try a different angle for the shot? Is the text large enough? Tell me what you think.


I think if you used black or white for the text it would stand out better. (:

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I really don’t want to offend your surely hard work, but…

This isn’t good as for a game either thumbnail or icon. It’s way too basic. The font and colors of the text really doesn’t match the text, besides that you shouldn’t make a literal (clear) screenshot of your game with a big text your game’s icon.
First of all, if this scheme is what you want to use for your icon, maybe add some blur to it so it isn’t so blank and visible. Add some curved, and good looking font with game-matching colors. You can find a lot of inspirations, for example a lot (literally a lot) simulator games have an icon that makes players want to play it. Your doesn’t. (If gotta be honest… if I saw your game on main-page and it had this icon, I wouldn’t really consider playing it. I am sure you can do way better!

I am really sorry if I offented you with that, but I really wanted to be honest, that way I was able to help you developing your game in the good way, I hope.


I don’t ever get offended so don’t worry. These were the types of answers I was expecting because it’s not like I actually put hard effort into the icon. To explain what I’m planning for this game, it’s a game that I start off with simply to make robux, it’s not complex or difficult to make and neither are the icons or thumbnails and I’m aware, the point of this game is to make a good amount of robux so I can support future projects I’ll put all my hard work and effort and robux into in order to make my game actually blow up.

I understand that, but there is a 1 main thing.

How are you supposed to make money from a game you don’t put much effort into it?

That’s not really how it works. Besides that, I checked your game. It’s generally pretty alright, however there is not much gameplay. Literally like 7 minutes. Why would someone want to buy an admin gamepass for 200 R$? I’d really suggest you to either remove the gamepass, or change the price down. Eventually you can add a donate board at the end of the obby. But please, if making a game to public - put some effort in it.

I’m going to make money from the game by advertising with sponsors. I know there’s not much gameplay because the game isn’t finished yet. I actually started the game with only one “stage” if you can even call it that, you would just jump to the other side which was a wall. I reopened my account a couple months later after making the game (I took a break from learning from the Roblox Developer Course because I had to focus on school) and surprisingly it got 1.2K visits organically from search results–so I decided to improve it, make more stages, and make gamepasses to make robux off of it to advertise and continue improving the game. Now it’s at 1.5K visits and a couple months ago it got 70-300 views in a month, while in the last 2 days of this start of this month I gained 130 visits, topping off the second highest visited month and getting to 1/3 of the most visited month (before I started advertising which is the highest at 500 due to advertising the game, so those 2 months were completely organic off players searching for the game, unlike the month I got 500 visits).

This not at all a good developer practice.

I want you to ask yourself this question, Why did you come to develop on Roblox?

Only making games on Roblox for Robux is the worst practice as a developer, your not going to get anywhere if you only make games for that

Not only are you not learning but your not going to also earn a lot for making junk ( junk is the term I would use for cashgrab games, no offense, but thats litterly your game. )

I hope you actually learn to make a high effort games, and I do hope it becomes successful!