Suggestions and Ideas for a new game I am working on

Hello! My name is Amir and I would like to introduce to you a game I have been brainstorming and starting development on.

                             The game is called "Infinite Citadel"

The premise of the game goes like this: You were trapped in a large dark citadel near the ruins of a firey world. Your goal is to escape the Citadel by completing different mazes and tasks while you try to go up the floors, the twist is “you aren’t the only person” about 20 - 40 people are have the same goal as you and only one can survive.

The game is flashy and long, there are 3 main checkpoints throughout the Citadel which provide you with supplies to continue your journey. At a certain stage you will be allowed to fight each other, if you fall you will perish. While the elites are doing everything they can to stop you from advancing.

I don’t expect this game to be completed or released in a year or two, and I am still looking for a development team. I cannot provide any screenshots since I haven’t started much, I am working on some concept art though.

Now I need ideas and suggestions, come up with what you can as I am completely open to everything.


I like the concept, but it is hard to picture it without concept art, a demo, or a long detailed explanation. Overall though, sounds really cool!