Suggestions & Feedback for a custom animator & movement system (ControllerManager)


I’m currently making an animator and character movement system using modules with inheritance and child classes, trying to make it as realistic as possible, this is intended for my upcoming fnaf sb “roleplay” game.

Currently I’m planning on these features:


  • IK Footplanting
  • IK Looking (semi done, just need to make the implementation more modular)
  • ~~Turn In place ~~
  • Strafing (walking, crouchwalking, sprinting)
  • Crouching
  • Item Handling (have to see if ControllerManager supports tools, otherwise I’ll write my own implementation.)
  • Jump Animation Blending
  • Proper IK to make your items point in the right direction on your worldmodel.
  • Emote support

Character Movement Controller

  • Jumping (And states, like falling, landing. ControllerManager by default doesn’t have a function to jump.)
  • Proper Sprinting and Stamina Exhaustion system

I’ll update the thread with progress and update the list for anything I haven’t yet thought of. (Feel free to suggest things I haven’t yet thought of adding!)

I’d love to hear your feedback on how it looks so far. :slight_smile:

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I’m also curious, does anybody know if replication on animations with negative speed causes issues?

I don’t know if it’s :AdjustSpeed() or :Play() with a negative speed causes replication to fail. The issue seems very familiar with the :AdjustWeight(0) issue.

The reason why this is importing is because, currently the way I do strafing animations is:

When we start waking I will play all 8 directions at once, I adjust the weight of the current needed one to 1 and the others to 0.01 (using a clamped lerp function to prevent the issue mentioned above). Since sometimes I’m missing let’s say an animation for Forward-Left, I will just play Backward-Right with -1 speed as a temporary placeholder, but it does not properly replicate when played at negative speeds.

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