Suggestions for Mechanics for Horror game?

Hello! Pika here.

In my spare time, I’m making a horror game thats somewhat based off of The Mimic, Judy, and many others. Although, most horror games in Roblox are just “Find the key” types of games. This is where the problem starts

I can’t think of any new mechanics, other than chase sequences, Red Light Green Light, and avoid being spotted. I need your help.

What else can I add to my horror game to make it more unique and fresh compared to most Roblox horrors?

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You can’t exactly make a unique horror game since most stuff were already tought of and added in most ROBLOX horror games. I think limited building can be an interesting mechanic. The map has to be outdoors, though.


Having a lot of small features in a horror game helps, for the setting I’d say put it in a house. An example of some small features would be the light switch sometimes flickering when you look away, make noises such as player steps after they stop moving, when you turn around in a hallway at the corner there’s something there that disappears, etc. Making unoriginal horror games that aren’t really horror games like a lot of the popular ones is not recommended.