Suggestions for Obby and Help!

Any suggestions of the obby? I need a proper and attractive name too!

I also need few help in adding GUI like “Follow the game for more updates :+1:” , that kind of stylish GUIs , you can help me by providing script or guiding me.

Here’s the preview -


I am unable to see the obby well.
Maybe include more pictures?

Sure…I will get few more pics.

looks really basic, obbys now include loads more than floating blocks

About the gui you can simply add a ScreenGUI in startergui and insert a TextLabel inside.

Could you help me by giving few stage suggestions?

Thanks , but looking for a more stylish one.

make each stage a detailed obby like 10 stages are in a winter wonderland, 10 are in a retro world, etc. floating blocks doesn’t attract people and low poly, detailed obbys that can be turned into a long obby are attractive.

Also make script that locally change skybox and lighting when a player change type of realm/world.

You could make a stage where you have to ride a roller coaster like those games, and make it so when you get to the top and finish the obby you have admin or something!

@sunkvss thanks soo much for suggesting , I think I should really do that themes it will look cool!

Oh yes , I get it now , I will add that , but I’m trying something starting from easy to difficult as it goes on, so where do you think I should make that stage?

Thanks , I will try though I don’t know how to do it , I will search it up

:slight_smile: hope your game gets big! :slight_smile:

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You can design one in an external software such as Adobe XD or even something as simple as Microsoft Paint and import it.

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Oh , I didn’t know that , thanks for the info. will research on it.