Suggestions for work in progress Obby?

As the title states, I am looking for some very much-needed feedback and suggestions on an obby I am currently working on! This is the first time making an obby with an actual map and not just a long chain of floating obstacles in the sky. The obby is still very much incomplete (Gui’s yet to be implemented and dialogue is yet to be added among other things) and feedback is needed to progress the game further until it is ready for release.

Game link: Escape Mr Eclairs Bakery! - Roblox

Keep in mind in at some point I will transfer the game onto my group, if that makes any difference on any suggestions.

Hoping to increase my knowledge on the subject. :slightly_smiling_face:

We don’t actually have permission to play the game.

Alright it should be accessible now.

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Well considering its a bakery game why not have a part where they create bread/pastries or use an interactive bread you can place like a plank for a bridge

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the audio is kinda annoying ( the shaking noise in particular just loops)