Suggestions on improving my menu UI

I recently made a menu UI. It is inspired by a lot of drop-down menus I’ve come across

Here is the UI!
Click on the image to see the full size as the forum has cut off the bottom part


Tell me what I can improve on!:innocent:


It’s pretty good, the only thing I can spot is this little detail on the abckpack where the edge of the packpack retracts sharply for like a pixel and then goes out again. I would just make that completely smooth, since it looks out of place.

I think that you should change the color of the bag icon for items as well to something like red, since the current green is a bit hard to differentiate from the background green, and there’s no red in the ui right now, so it would add some variety.

Morning! :smiley:

The green background here is disturbing, as it rigidly blends with the green of the Capitalized first-letters of words on the right-side of the GUI. At the bottom of the GUI, you have a green backpack that is adjacent to the green in your background, which also gives a disturbing look.

Maybe if you change it to to blue, or dark grey you can get a more User-Interface type look!

I hope this was helpful! :smiley:


Here’s an updated version! I remade the whole thing on Illustrator
Click to view full size

Changing the color of the backpack icon would go a long way. Small details as well, such as a few of the icons extending beyond the border. Other than that, sizing and font help a lot as well to the overall quality and “lookability” of the whole UI.