Suggestions on learning to script effectively, and best places to start out

Hey, everyone. I’ve been trying to learn to script for quite some time, but can’t find any good techniques that first, I’m able to remember, or are effective in my work. Primarily, I will be working on projects that involve UIs. Thanks.


I’m not that much of scripter but I would start by reading the code in free models, and also following tutorials, and also look at the devforum to find people that have the same problem as you, and also to find what you need on the devforums. Sorry my reply doesnt make any sense as im not good with english.

But yeah, its good to know how to script when your doing UI projects, and I do UI projects too for fun, and to see how much I can script. But I’m not that good :sweat_smile:

I think the biggest tip I can give is this: Limit the use of loops. Use event connections whenever possible.

Also, if you cant find what you’re looking for on the devfourms or youtube, then make your own post (obviously)

I recently created a guide around this topic which encompasses ideologies related to metacognition and various processes involved during the learning process.

Instead of approaching scripting head-on and getting yourself lost in rabbit-holes of information, I tried to present a novel perspective that could enable you to make the learning process much smoother than it might be otherwise:

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Ok so I mostly recommend AlvinBlox!

My Reason:

Alvin Blox’s Videos will teach you how something works and how it will be used in the future unlike other scripting tutorial content creators. Some content creators will show you about it but you wont really be able to use it after the video unlike AlvinBlox.