Suggestions on my realistic building

Hello, I have been building for about almost a year on Roblox and have came a long way since I have started. I have stared getting into realistic building after being inspired by a guy named cafune7. I have built a small little shop I am not doing the interior yet until I feel like the exterior is completed. The guy that I am inspired by (cafune7) builds amazing buildings but does it just like any other person but by the end it looks amazing (will put his builds in the post later) I am asking you to leave suggestions to enhance the realities of my asset since it looks like the reference image but it doesn’t wow me it just looks a little plain. Please tell me some suggestions so I can get some practice in and enhance my skills for the future so one day I can get as good as cafune7. Thanks for reading my post and please leave suggestions at the bottom!

Edit: Thanks for all the wonderful tips on my builds I will keep working and will definitely ask the community for help in the future because there is some really helpful people out there.


Picture of the building I was referring to that I have built:

Cafune7’s build (I wanna get to his level some day)


You have the starting phase of a realistic build done well. Now you should add more detail to make it pop. If you compare your build to Cafune’s build yours would seem rather flat. Try adding those small details on the walls that give it Dimmension.
Ps: If you could post your reference image that would be great help for feedback :smiley:


Thanks for the reply here is the building I am referring to.

Its the one on the very left side.

If you want to get this lvl then you can have it!Im sure at (100)%

Do what igbang4uuuu said. The tiny details bring life to it. Here are some mid-poly builds that are from my shooter game, which are by no means the best. You have a nice start though. Keep the proportions realistic if its a showcase, or make them slightly disproportional for a cartoony game like these images.

Facades in my WIP map “Syria”

Some relief in the walls

More relief details

You should also consider PBR textures. Totally underrated. They add lots of detail that cannot be done by decals or default materials. This came from my in-game map, “Bunker”

Also, Blender adds to the realism because it make parts that unions cant. The every non-block thing in those images were made in Blender.

Good luck! I hope to see you make some stuff like cafune7 does!


Thanks very much. Also where do I find these textures because I go onto texture websites and they have a file full of different textures that I am guessing you have to layer to make the full texture. In studio you can do that so how would I import these realistic textures? I haven’t found any texture that’s just one whole texture and not multiple that you have to layer on.

Like @bigbang4uuuu said, you need to add details that change the flatness of the the front. Like, he added a valance, while you didn’t. Also, the color looks misleading, maybe go for a grayer and plaer theme, like cafune7 did.
I’m not a professional builder, but just some tips :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion will do this.

Here’s a place that I put some random textures I stole off the internet. The mesh is just a test cube I use for trying out new textures.

I am very very terrible at explaining these kinds of things so here’s the file so you can see how they work.

PBR sample.rbxl (25.9 KB)

Now, to get these on meshes, you gotta make or find some meshes. Then use Substance Designer or Substance Painter to put them on the meshes’ UV maps. I think Blender can do this too.

In the images above, there’s like lots of different meshes I had to manually create and texture for it.
Expect half of this to not make any sense. It’s pretty tough and very few people on Roblox know how to do it. And those who do keep their methods secret, like I do :trollface:.

Start with something basic and just work up. There’s plenty of videos and resources about Substance, PBR and stuff, but none having to do with Roblox, as it is kept secretive. It took me a long time to figure it out.


Mk, thanks I will take some advice and use it to my advantage.

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Hello there, I think you’ve done a considerably good job here!
One of the key parts that makes a showcase is the lighting, I would recommend messing around with that until you get to something realistic.
Furthermore, I believe that somethings that cafune is using are meshes, possibly imported in from blender or other 3d modelling platform - as these are a great way of creating a realistic aspect within games. Also, instead of using just materials from roblox, I would recommend using some textures from the toolbox to help with that showcase-vibe that you’re looking for.

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Thanks, also. Cafune does not use blender at all for his models and does every single bit of it in Roblox studio (except the curtains in this showcase) that’s why I love him so much. He films ever bit of it and posts it on his YouTube channel and I just love seeing the before and after results but thanks for the suggestion(s).


Really! I must give him a watch, that is some talent right there - I can see why he’s a role model!

Yes, he is. Here is a link to his channel cafune7 - YouTube