Suggestions on ways to improve my gui?

Hello I have this detector for Furry Detector 2.0 however I need some feedback on the new design.
it currently looks like this

Please note that before you get to this screen you will have already entered the players username.

(Something I am heavily considering is moving the text up so that it’s level with the other text)

Other than that what are some suggestions?
The game is Furry Detector 2.0


This looks amazing! I love the dark theme you’ve used for this
I couldn’t find anything to suggest or improve it’s just wonderful

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all gui/button doesn’t matter important role resize it to small like the closing button this green bar
also just from here i could even see that’s the height of it is not balanced at all
and about the thing you considering, it’s good tho so don’t really give it a thought.

and after all, get your window actived

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Looks clean, consistent and overall very pleasing to look at!
(idk if you know this, but you made a typo on ‘definitely’)

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Wait so delete the text that tells the user the overall result and increase the size of the 0/100 bar to be the same size as the X?

i recommend you should make the ‘result’ text become an effect like, after it loaded there will a ‘boom’ and appear the result cause that would give your experience a little bit ‘cartoon’

Maybe I could make it so that the bar is really big when they first scan it and it shows an animation of the bar filling up to then score the tween the size and position into the correct place.

I could also do like certain sections on the bar that show which categories cause certain amounts

So if they have 80% of the bar filled by their suspected accessories and 20% filled by their username it will show visibly that 80% is filled up by the accessories with like separate sections

Add a light theme for users for the SUNNY- jk so people don’t have to get caught in the dark world.

A lot of people said there was nothing i could do to improve the gui but i think i did a good job at doing just that