Suggestions on what to add to make building feel less empty?

I am building a solar power plant merged with an electrical substation for a tycoon and I need some suggestions on what to add in the main building (apart from a control panel), to make it feel less empty

First floor (break room)

Second floor (control room)

The second floor will have a control panel, along with some accessory givers, but they would still leave some space open

Please reply any suggestions on what to add if you have any!

PS: If you have any feedback too, feel free to leave it aswell!


Maybe some mirrors, lights, paintings.

And some carpets with a bit more decoration.

Maybe a huge bedroom all upstairs with a little lounge, a bed of course, a pool table. Also add railings for the stairs.

The second floor seems like a good place for a bedroom, maybe add a bed, dresser and bookshelf? Along with a desk that has a computer for that extra bedroom-y feel.

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I don’t think a bedroom would be ok to put in a solar power plant, but thanks for the suggestion!

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Maybe an armory or some offices upstairs.

Looks really nice to start off. :smiley:
I’d add something on these shelves. Right now it seems pretty empty.
On the bottom floor I’d add more furniture. Ideas include more chairs and tables, cabinets, and a kitchen area (you can sometimes see those in workspaces.)

I’d also add ceiling/local lights. Things like lamps, etc.

Especially for the top floor, I’d add curtains, and things like posters on the walls. I’d also consider adding carpets, or something to the top. Shelves and an AC are good ideas. The stairs could also use some railings, most stairs do.

Consider adding a desk with a computer, bookshelves, and a closet.

Most buildings aren’t completely open floor and have sections.

Honestly, look around in your house. What is in your house that isn’t in your build?

Anyways good luck in the future.

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EDIT: I would also add cushions/pillows on the couches:
And, your ambience is either way too bright or you’ve disabled shadows completely. There’s no lighting effect at all.


It seems like it would be a house NEXT to a power plant, because usually power plants are just the solar panels and nothing else.

@TinexRB instead of replying multiple times try to keep all your feedback in one post:



I know a lot of solar power builds feature different materials such as square tiles and more the general style of wooden employed within this build looks unappealing and it kind of ruins the style your trying to accomplish in consideration of its environment. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a solar power building design within wood material.

I’m not sure if many other people feel that way, but as capturing the correct materials and interior designs (in terms of making it match the style), rather than simply building something you’ve never seen or materials not fitting well with the build.

At the start, it’s an ok build it just need some refining add some computers pipes and things in general images are a good way to accomplish a decent building:

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You might wanna get some ideas from this game!/about

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Some solar power plants have small buildings to house maintenance equipment, I mainly added the building to the tycoon for gameplay purpouses, so yep

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Sorry, didn’t know. 30characters

This might be really helpful, thank you!

Very cool!

To make it more realistic (and cooler :grin:) make the ambiance a dark grey or even black, then add ceiling lights (which is also something most tycoons have).

In the second room, you can add desks and a decorational control… thing (I can’t really describe this, I’ll share a picture) jutting out of the wall with buttons on it

Good luck! I can’t wait to see the tycoon!

**Edit: here is the picture for what can jut out of the wall in the second room (made quickly with little effort :wink: **

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Add plants and paintings! Light bulbs. Small things you should focus on.

I’m no art expert but maybe you should add some more things that make it look like a solar power plant, such as a few voltage transformers or wiring around the building