Suggestions regarding resetting default Roblox key binds

Hello everyone!

I have a relatively quick question about managing Roblox key bindings set by default. The game I’m working on requires me to disable almost all of them sometime during the gameplay using ContextActionService and it’s built in method UnbindAllActions().
Therefore I’m looking for as much efficient way to re-enable them (and set them to their previous original state) as possible. What I can do is store all action names, input types, priorities and stack orders using


which means I have to manually loop through the “dictionary” type table and manually set each priority level.
I’ve already been looking around the forum and elsewhere, but currently can’t seem to find the right answer. Suggesting a faster and easier way is much appreciated!

Should I disable bound keys another way? What I’m trying to achieve is to temporarily change letter key bindings to use them for different purpose (“free them up”).
Perhaps forking the PlayerModule (located in StarterPlayerScripts) and disabling controls could work, but I’m afraid that is probably not practical enough, since PlayerModule is then not updated, and I also have to “free up” I and O keys, which are originally intended for camera zoom control, and are not at all affected by PlayerModule - Controls.