Suggestions, tips & tricks anyone can offer?

Some houses and the castle towers could use some more exterior detail to match the detail of other assets, but other than that I think the build and the assets are real nice. I had alot of fun exploring the map and jumping sky high

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  • Add the new grass feature, if not just add your own style of grass. It looks really empty at the moment in some spots of the map, this wouldn’t normally be seen in real life.

  • Add a larger environment, increase the amount of trees, mushrooms perhaps, rocks larger and smaller, shells and starfish on the beach, palm trees near the beach, stumps, logs, etc.

  • Have a wide range of colour variety. For the paths and buildings, they are all the same colour, I would adjust to a different colour overall or make some parts darker and lighter.

  • Add a flag? I find that most of them have some kind of symbol, flags are common.

  • Smooth the landscape out along the beach and grass, they are too bumpy.

  • Make larger surfaces of the ground, having it flat does not really appeal to the eyes.


Wow, the map truly does look stunning! I’m doing a very similar project, something Ive noticed is that if you use a lot of nature based materials like plants and graphics to match so, it makes the map a lot more enjoyable. Thats all the feedback I have for now, it looks great keep up the great work

Lol I just realized I changed the horses jump height rather than the speed. Whoops! Thank you! I will look into it. What would you suggest in terms of exterior design?

Low poly mushrooms will be easy. Good idea! The palm trees and other variations of trees will be added! There will be regions eventually with different assets! I do have a flag! A logo of my own design! Most of the castle has the logo. Along with the gates having a stone crest of the logo. I also have a war banner I have to update with the logo on it as well, as of now it has an older version of the logo.

For the landscape, too bumpy? What area exactly? And you mean make little hills and such so it’s not so flat?

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I do feel like I need to update my trees at least. It was one of the first models ever made with Blender.

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You should add more detail to the terrain. For example, play around with the color and different terrain blending in. The Terrain really looks flat and boring, try adding little hills and lumps to the terrain to make it look more interesting. You should also smooth out the terrain a little bit because it looks all blocky like at the edges of the beach.


The buildings look amazing but please make sure you unioned or converted some parts into meshes because too many parts can really lag your game. For example, try converting things like the roofs into meshes or unions to reduce the number of parts in the game


Enabling the grass improves the environment but it’s still bland. Try adding more trees to take up empty space or try adding bushes and rocks. You should also play around with the skybox to make the sky look better. You could also try adding more props into the scenery as xStarfully had stated.

You can use this brush plugin made by XAXA to place down the props. This plugin will make your life way easier. (


You should play around with the lighting to make it look amazing. I would recommend reading this post on how to make your lighting look more natural and realistic. (How to make your lighting more realistic in shadowmap)

Hope this helps! :+1:

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Thank you for this detailed response! I’ve just downloaded the plugin and I’m looking into the lighting. Hopefully some good comes out of it! I will work on assets for variations of misc items! There is a lot of empty space left for more buildings that I’m working on. Most of what I build is all exported then added to a mesh part. I had one incident with mesh parts in the past and don’t want that repeating. For the terrain it’s flat for now just so it’s easier for me to place buildings. As I go along I will make it look more natural! Thank you again!

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In real life, nothing is perfect so you won’t see a fully circle shaped island or what not. But, I believe you made it far way too bumpy in these areas and you should smooth them out more.

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For the landscape, you can simply yes make little hills to help give the island more of a variety of grounding level. But, be sure to flatten it out in some areas and keep some areas higher than others.


Amazing Build Man

1 thing i did notice is where the water touches the island it looks funky

maybe try adding the water around the island manual it looks like you used the paint tool to add the water that’s just my opinion but the builds are amazing

Buildings 10/10
Placing 10/10
Terrain 7/10

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He used the paint tool that is why its so blocky around the island

That is what I did! I’ll work on it! Before the updates I didn’t see an easier way to add water! Thank you.

Similar to what I did with the church?

you are more then welcome have a great new years

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can i see a picture of the roof on the picture below close up please that looks very well done

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Here is how I build the roofs for my houses. It’s a really simple blender model. I place them in segments, however with that being said each building has to be sized by 5-10 studs to make the model appear correct. The roof actually takes quite a bit of time, but the outcome from doing this is pretty cool. Simple enough.



amazing ur awesome man thaks alot that will help me for my build i am working on

Image Of my build if intrested


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Yeah that looks good! It wouldn’t be hard to add detail to the roof if that’s what you’re going for!

thats exactly what im going for i just could not quite figure it out but its so easy now thanks to ur big brain hahaha ur awesome man

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Yes, it makes it look much better that way.