Suggestions, tips & tricks anyone can offer?

Hello all! I’ve been building on ROBLOX for years, but never quite committed to any one of my creations due to my knowledge on scripting. At best I could script a simple obstacle course.

For now, I’m making a medieval/fantasy adventure map. One with more of a realistic look, however, the goal will be to fight mythical creatures. (Very vague) It will be story driven. Most of my lore is through my time playing D&D.
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for my map. Mainly in terms of color due to my deficiency.
So far I’ve created a pretty large portion of the “Safe Area” and this map will be truly open world. You will be able to access EVERY part. No building will be copied and pasted. Common assets will, but typically their colors will vary.

Something that kind of stands out is my take on armor. I’m making shoulder pieces, capes and helmets for each armor type. The rest of the look will be through my creations with the catalog. (Shirts,Pants)

I’ve made my own meshes, logos, models and weapons. I’ve placed some examples right at the start of the map so you can visualize them, however they aren’t scripted. Some are animated, though. The horse at the start is also not mine. Explore my map at the link below and tell me what you think, or maybe what you think I should change. The guard NPCs will have faces also of my design. I just haven’t placed them on them yet, nor have I changed their skin tones for variation.

Thank you for your time.

Picture of the map:

URL: Fantasy Showcase - Roblox


A quick adjustment would be to add a ColorCorrection effect to Lighting and change the saturation to 0.5. This will make all of the colors far more vibrant.


I think it looks really nice. However, I feel the default smooth terrain grass color doesn’t match the buildings! You could try messing around with that, maybe making it less saturated.

But again, I think it’s a really good build as-is!

Happy New Year :partying_face:


Like this? I definitely see a difference. Thank you!

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Do you think maybe trying to make it match the trees colors?

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Yeah, I think that would blend things together nicely. However, I would make it slightly lighter or darker to add a bit of contrast (but not as much as there is currently.)

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Like this?

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That looks much better! Also, you could try turning on live grass.

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I’m not familiar? What is that?

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Explorer > Terrain > Decoration > True


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Wow, didn’t know that was a thing. Thank you.


Here are some tricks:

Copy and Paste the position of parts

Press Option/Alt whilst selecting a model and you will be able to select inside the model

Transform Tool for accurate aligning

Cmd/Cntrl D to duplicate in the same place

Instead of making unions (Unless you want to do something very fast, but risk corruption), export the object and import it back into roblox as a mesh. (Negative parts won’t work though, unless you use external programs like Blender)

To help terrain, Under terrain, select the water properties and change them to your fitting, aswell as the terrain colors, although defaults are okay.

To help graphics, under lighting change the color-shift top to a fitting color, mess with post processing, and see what looks good.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Like @70Night said, you can use a ColorCorrection effect to change the feel of the game.

For example, a slightly orange/yellow/red tint can make the game feel warm (colors like below)

Cool colors (blue, purple) can make it feel cold

Edit: I recommend using colors close to white so it only has a slight tint effect, otherwise it can be overwhelming.


I appreciate everyone’s help. Here is before and after in just a short amount of time. I did have to mow all the grass growing inside my buildings, though… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Some houses and the castle towers could use some more exterior detail to match the detail of other assets, but other than that I think the build and the assets are real nice. I had alot of fun exploring the map and jumping sky high

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  • Add the new grass feature, if not just add your own style of grass. It looks really empty at the moment in some spots of the map, this wouldn’t normally be seen in real life.

  • Add a larger environment, increase the amount of trees, mushrooms perhaps, rocks larger and smaller, shells and starfish on the beach, palm trees near the beach, stumps, logs, etc.

  • Have a wide range of colour variety. For the paths and buildings, they are all the same colour, I would adjust to a different colour overall or make some parts darker and lighter.

  • Add a flag? I find that most of them have some kind of symbol, flags are common.

  • Smooth the landscape out along the beach and grass, they are too bumpy.

  • Make larger surfaces of the ground, having it flat does not really appeal to the eyes.


Wow, the map truly does look stunning! I’m doing a very similar project, something Ive noticed is that if you use a lot of nature based materials like plants and graphics to match so, it makes the map a lot more enjoyable. Thats all the feedback I have for now, it looks great keep up the great work

Lol I just realized I changed the horses jump height rather than the speed. Whoops! Thank you! I will look into it. What would you suggest in terms of exterior design?

Low poly mushrooms will be easy. Good idea! The palm trees and other variations of trees will be added! There will be regions eventually with different assets! I do have a flag! A logo of my own design! Most of the castle has the logo. Along with the gates having a stone crest of the logo. I also have a war banner I have to update with the logo on it as well, as of now it has an older version of the logo.

For the landscape, too bumpy? What area exactly? And you mean make little hills and such so it’s not so flat?

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I do feel like I need to update my trees at least. It was one of the first models ever made with Blender.

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